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Discussion in 'Help for New Members' started by bogdan, Apr 6, 2011.

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    If you are reading this, you are probably a new member of this forums, so "Welcome to!" ! is a place where a community of computer enthusiasts with a common concern for security can talk and exchange information in a friendly and professional environment.

    We encourage you to share your knowledge!

    Bellow you can find some important things that you should know about.


    As in all forums we also have some rules, nothing special but please read and respect them.
    You can find our rules here.

    Groups and Promotions

    In here you'll be able to find the main groups and the requirements that you need to fulfill to promote to a higher group.
    If you just joined us you are a Registered member, we wish you luck in you quest to promote to higher ranks and getting more rights and preveliges.

    Board structure

    To better structure all the information, we have divided our board into 8 categories with 29 forums and 41 sub-forums.
    All the forums are equally important but if you just joined us you should start a thread in this forum - link

    Reputation points

    The Reputation System lets users rate other users based on their actions and posts. All ratings are tallied to give every user a total reputation, which are displayed in their profiles and posts.
    You can read here, how to give reputation points to a member.

    User Control Panel

    This is your personal command center,you can customize your personal details and define some of you personal settings.
    Example: Upload/Change your Avatar, Upload/Change Signature, Change your password, Add Your Website URL, Specify your operating system etc.

    From your User Control Panel can also change some settings, among other the way you view the threads in the forums and and enhances your privacy.
    Example: You can enable: Hide me from the Who's Online list. to enhances your privacy.


    You can change the way you view the thread threads in the forums by checking "Display posts in classic mode."
    This is how a thread looks in default view:
    And this is how it look in "classic mode"


    Their are other useful and awesome features in your User Control Panel so be sure to go thru all the settings and options available.

    Shout Box

    Note: This feature was replaced by the #malwaretips IRC channel.
    The shout-box is a chat system that allow members to quickly send messages to each other without requiring a post to the forums or the use of a separate medium such as IRC.
    You can find the Shout Box at the bottom of the main community page - [ulr=]here[/url]



    We here at believe that people should freely express themselves and we are interested in your opinions and experiences.
    For this reasons we have decided to put our blogs at your disposal.
    Blog about security, technology and other subjects that interest you.

    To submit a request four your own personal blog go here.

    Profile page

    Note: This feature was removed.
    Our site provides you with a lot of options and features to customize your Profile page.

    You can customize your profile look with our "profile design", you can find more info regarding this feature here.


    You can also upload a picture thru your User Control Panel to be display on your profile page.
    You can view other members buddies and also comment on their profile page.
    Their are other useful features that will allow you to create a unique Profile Page so be sure to go thru all the available options .

    Change Look

    On each member can select their favourite design for from our themes pack.
    Currently we have four themes available,you can view them and read more about this feature here.


    Awards and Achievements System

    To show recognition to our members, we have implemented an award and achievements system for
    You can find a list with all the available awards and achievements - here


    Chillax Room

    Note: This feature was replaced by the #malwaretips IRC channel.
    Bored? Want to relax? Join our Chillax Room and talk to other members about anything you want.

    Go here join our chat room.

    Arcade - 'Games Section'

    Note: This feature was removed.
    Step into our "Arcade", play games and compete against other members.
    We have +70 games in our 'Games Section' so start playing and become the reigning champion of this community!

    You can go the our 'Games Section' at any time just by pressing the "Arcade" button which can be found on every theme.


    Share your status

    What am I doing?
    Let the community know what you are up to with your status updates.

    Other useful links:

    Contact us - Staff - Privacy policy - Help - Members List - Dealing with bad posts

    Note: This thread is a work in progress. Its intent is to provide a starting place for new members. If you want to provide some feedback regarding this thread, please do so HERE.


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