Welcome friends

Hey all, this is my first blog post here, it’s not going to be much, but I’ll try to make this more of any intro. I’ve been blogging a lot recently on my regular website, however, it’s been down for some time now and I wasn’t getting many visitors. Hopefully, with this blog I’ll be able to share what I’ve got with everyone here. I will be posting mostly about technology, gaming, some tutorials, things like that, but also about what I’m doing right now. What am I doing right now? writing this post :P and getting ready to see my brother. Again, I’ll post more articles later and will try to make them of quality, to suit the site, thanks to the staff for letting me have this blog! See you later everyone.


I've started MalwareTips in 2010 to help people solve their computer problems. My area of expertise includes malware removal and computer forensics. I'm active in the various online anti-malware communities where I do researches for new malware threats as they are released.

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