These pop-ups are shown in such a way as to trick the user into thinking that a virus has been detected on their device. It does this to try and scare Windows or macOS users into calling one of the listed numbers in order to receive support. In reality, though, they will only be greeted with people who are trying to sell them unneeded support contracts and services.


This malicious site will put your browser on full screen and display pop-up messages that won't go away, essentially locking your browser. These fake error messages aim to trick you into calling an indicated technical support hotline.
Always keep in mind that Microsoft or Apple's error and warning messages never include phone numbers.


The scammers will typically attempt to get the victim to allow remote access to their device.
After remote access is gained, the scammer relies on confidence tricks typically involving utilities built into Windows, macOS and other software in order to gain the victim’s trust to pay for the supposed “support” services, when the scammer actually steals the victim’s credit card account information.


Microsoft or Apple will never send unsolicited email messages or make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information or fix your device.
Treat all unsolicited phone calls or pop-ups with skepticism. Do not provide any personal information.

Fake Pop-up Message

MAC OS is infected with Viruses and other malicious applications.Viruses must be removed and system damage repaired.It is necessary to Call Apple Support +1-866-608-7053 and follow Virus removal procedure immediately

**If you leave this site your Mac OS will remain damaged and vulnerable**

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Tech Support Scam Numbers
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