Below we've added high definition screenshots for AVG AntiVirus Free (2018). The screenshots cover the main parts of the product. For questions and discussions visit our dedicated AVG forum.


Installation 1.jpg Installation 2.jpg Install - Customize Version.jpg Install 3.jpg Installation 4.jpg Install 5.jpg

Main User Interface:

Main UI 1.jpg

Computer tab
Computer Tab.jpg

Web & Email tab
Web & Email Tab.jpg

Hackers Attack tab (Paid Only)
Hacker Attacks Paid.jpg

Privacy tab (Paid Only)
Privacy Tab Paid.jpg

Payments tab (Paid Only)
Payments Tab Paid.jpg

Main UI Links:
UI Tabs Option 1.jpg UI Tabs Option 2.jpg

Scan Process:
Scan 1.jpg Scan 2.jpg Scan 3.jpg

Trying to fix the Performance "issue":
Scan Pay.jpg

Scan options:
Scan Options.jpg

UI Tabs Option 2.jpg

General tab:
Settings 1.jpg General Settings 1.jpg

Components tab
Settings 2.jpg

Files System Shield Detailed Settings
Files Guard Settings 1.jpg Files Guard Settings 2.jpg Files Guard Settings 3.jpg Files Guard Settings 4.jpg Files Guard Settings 5.jpg Files Guard Settings 6.jpg Files Guard Settings 7.jpg Files Guard Settings 8.jpg Files Guard Settings 9.jpg Files Guard Settings 10.jpg
Behavior Shield Detailed Settings
Behaviour Shield 1.jpg Behaviour Shield 2.jpg

Mail Shield Detailed Settings
Mail Shield 1.jpg Mail Shield 2.jpg Mail Shield 3.jpg Mail Shield 4.jpg Mail Shield 4.jpg Mail Shield 5.jpg Mail Shield 6.jpg Mail Shield 7.jpg

Web Shield Detailed Settings
Web Shield 1.jpg Web Shield 2.jpg Web Shield 3.jpg Web Shield 4.jpg Web Shield 5.jpg Web Shield 6.jpg Web Shield 7.jpg Web Shield 8.jpg Web Shield 9.jpg Web Shield 10.jpg

SafePrice browser extension
SafePrice Extension.jpg

Update tab
Settings 3.jpg

Troubleshoot tab

Settings 4.jpg


Alert 1.jpg Alert 2.jpg Alert 3.jpg URL Blocked.jpg URL Blocked 2.jpg


Icon 1.jpg

Windows tray and options

Icon 2.jpg

Background process:
AVG Processes.jpg
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