You are tired of reinstalling Windows knowing how much updates it has to install for you to have the latest Windows 10 build. Microsoft has made it easier by providing cumulative updates regularly, but except RTM builds, you can have a hard time finding original Microsoft Windows ISO from legal sources and with the latest updates integrated inside of ISO.

Alternatives for this tutorial would be downloading ISOs from Windows Media Creation Tool or Heidoc Windows ISO downloader, then downloading cumulative updates holding its offline sources and integrating them into ISO. You would need a lot of tools for that job, which many are not familiar with.

Well, there's an automated way for all this mumbo-jumbo

1. Open your favorite browser and head to UUP Dump. UUP Dump is one of many sites using Aria2 code implementation to pull all the necessary files directly from Microsoft servers. All these files are needed for Windows 10 ISO creation.

2. In their search box type the lastest Windows version you know or the latest Windows version you need, in this case, November 2019 Update or "1909"

3. Now you need to know what do you need. So what operating System Build you need, what architecture, language, Windows version, etc. For example and in this case you need Windows 10 Pro x64bit with the latest updates integrated. You need to click on "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909 (18363.476) amd64" in this case.[amd64=64bit, x86=32bit and arm64 is for Arm devices]. Selecting Cumulative Updates will not give you the latest 1909 update but the latest 1903 update, for some strange reason. Upon a click, the next page will open asking you to select the language of your Windows. We choose "English (United States)" and click next.

4. Select the Windows version you need or select all editions to be included in ISO. In this case, we are going for a Pro edition. Select it and click Next

5. Now we have to select download options.
  • Download using Aria2 gives you no configuration options.
  • Download using Aria2 and convert gives you 4 additional options
    • To convert the installation archive from .wim to .esd - giving you more space but takes more time to create
    • To integrate updates when available, in this case, if you optionally select to add something more
    • To run a cleanup of the component store after integration - takes more time but ISO will be smaller
    • Integrate Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 into the system
  • Download using Aria2, convert and create additional editions - integrates more Windows editions into the ISO
Select your preferred options for configuration and click "Create Download Package"


6. The downloaded archive will look something like this

7. Extract the archive to the desired location and run "aria2_download_windows.cmd" as Administrator

8. Command Prompt will open and all the magic begins automatically. If you are an inexperienced user this may look like someone's trying to hack you or something but it's just an automated process of downloading needed data from Microsoft servers to create an ISO file. Here are some screenshots of the process as it progresses


9. Please note that this can take a while, especially if you have chosen to convert to the ESD installation file for a smaller file size. Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the speed of your computer it might take an hour or two with modern hardware components.
The ISO is created and you can freely burn it on your disk or USB drive. Happy installing.
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