Below we've added high definition screenshots for Emsisoft Anti-Malware (2018). The screenshots cover the main parts of the product. For questions and discussions visit our dedicated Emsisoft forum.

Install 1.jpgInstall 2.jpgInstall 3.jpgInstall 4.jpgInstall 5.jpgInstall 6.jpg

Main User Interface:

Main UI.jpg

Overview tab
Overview 1.jpg

Protection tab
Protection 1.jpgProtection 2.jpgProtection 3.jpg

Scan tab
Scan 1.jpgScan 2.jpgScan 3.jpgScan 4.jpg

Quarantine tab
Quarantine 1.jpg

Logs tab

Settings tab
Settings 1.jpgSettings 2.jpgSettings 3.jpgSettings 4.jpgSettings 5.jpg

Scan Process:
Running Scan 1.jpg
Running Scan 2.jpg


Alert.jpgAlert 4.jpgAlert 3.jpg


Icons 2.jpg

Windows tray and options

Icons 1.jpg

Background process:
Background Processes.jpg
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