1. CyberTech

    Security Alert Adblock Plus Filters Can Be Exploited to Run Malicious Code

    More information https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/adblock-plus-filters-can-be-exploited-to-run-malicious-code/
  2. brod56

    Q&A MSN circumvention ads (cookie-based)

    I wonder how MSN site manages to show ads with Adblock Plus (or Opera's adblocker) with acceptable ads disabled. With the exact same lists (EasyList, EasyPrivacy, NoCoin), uBlock Origin or Adguard block the ads with no problem. When cookies are disabled, the ads are blocked properly by ADBP...
  3. S

    Microsoft Native Ad-blocking comes to Microsoft Edge for Android (beta)

    Join Beta test - play.google.com/apps/testing/com.microsoft.emmx (Currently full) APKMirror.com - apk/microsoft-corporation/microsoft-edge/ (Check version numbers)
  4. Handsome Recluse

    Q&A How do you block loading autoplay videos with AdBlock filter lists?

    How do you block the loading of autoplay videos (for bandwidth) with an updated and still supported AdBlock/uBlock Origin/AdGuard filter lists e.g. CNET? This is making me want to go NoScript or uMatrix.
  5. Takemaster

    Android Takemaster's Galaxy S7 Security Setup

    Hello! Addition to these, I'm using Mobile Wifi Hotspot sometimes. I recommend you this setup.
  6. H

    What is the best adblocker extension in your opinion?

    I'm using uBlock Origin, it's light and simple to use. I used in the past all of these adblocker and I think uBlock Origin is the Best. What is your favorite ad blocker? The light is more uBlock Origin also in your opinion? Mod Edit: added additional adblocks. Note that most work with Firefox...
  7. S

    Ad blocking support in iOS9 and AdBlock Plus scandal

    "Now, this new report from Info iGen alleges that AdBlock Plus owner Eyeo is paying off other developers that make ad blocking plug-ins to employ the same policy in their own apps. But Eyeo isn’t suggesting companies build their own client lists, according to the report. Instead, Eyeo is...
  8. S

    AdBlock Plus exploit puts OS X users at risk

    SOURCE: AdBlock Plus exploit puts OSX users at risk - Webroot Threat Blog A visit to the Apple store will give any consumer a false sense of security, you will be told that by buying a Mac you are safe from threats and malware. I have even been told this even after I explain what I do for a...