1. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Update uBlock Origin 1.23.0 released

    A new version of uBlock Origin: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases/tag/1.23.0
  2. oldschool

    Discuss uBlock Origin/Nano Adblocker - User Tips, Questions and Issues Thread

    Recently I switched from Nano Adblocker to uBlock Origin with Nano Defender integration because it's a more efficient, faster alternative. I thought I'd start this thread since there is no dedicated one on the forum for those who use either of these adblockers in Medium or Easy Mode to post...
  3. G

    Help Me Decide Nano Adblocker or uBlock Origin for Edge browser?

    Nano Adblocker + Get Nano Adblocker - Microsoft Store uBlock Origin + Get uBlock Origin - Microsoft Store
  4. S

    Chrome Chrome's Ad Filter effectiveness; 16% based on CBA Standards

    Source: Adblock Plus and (a little) more: What will Google Chrome’s new ad filter actually block? We investigate... Google has announced that it will follow the CBA’s definition for ad acceptability. From 55 types of ads, the CBA says that only nine of those ad types are egregious enough to...
  5. conceptualclarity

    Q&A Anybody tried the Comodo AdBlockers lately?

    Comodo has multiple adblockers, one freestanding for Windows (Comodo AdBlocker Desktop), two extensions for the Chromium browser family (one based on AdBlockPlus and one based on UBlock), and one each for Android and iOS. Which Ad Blocker (Despite the reference there to an extension for...
  6. Handsome Recluse

    How many does your Privacy Badger block

    Estimate or count the number of domains your Privacy Badger blocks and include whatever script or adblockers or browser/system tweaks you have that could change the numbers. You can also say how many domains the cookies are blocked separately.
  7. Fritz

    Update Adguard Desktop Release R2 beta

    The Adguard team has just released a new beta for their desktop product, which includes changes regarding the controversial WoT extension. Installed on my Windows 10 64bit machines with no issues. Here goes: New beta fixes several bugs and makes some changes to UI. Also, recent WoT controversy...
  8. conceptualclarity

    Ads Killer for Chromium browser family--anyone have an opinion?

    Ads Killer Blocks banners, text ads, video ad on YouTube, all kinds of popups and tracking systems. Ads Killer is probably the best way to get rid of annoying misleading advertisements, protect against online surveillance and fraudulent websites It's a Russian product. I think it may be...
  9. K

    Q&A Best Adblocker in 2016?

    I've seen so many between the webstores and my favorite would be AdGuard. Nice design, block all kinds of ads, and got a whitelist too. Big plus. But i use AdBlocker Ultimate for Firefox, works fine aswell, but not a 5 star add-on. Tell me your opinion.
  10. Y

    Q&A Do you report un-blocked ads to adblocking filter developers?

    Yes, do you report un-blocked ads to adblocking filter developers? I am asking this because I wonder how many of you guys using submissions. Nowadays, advertisers are fighting against adblockers and there is anti-adblock filters in our adblocker extensions and applications. Do you think that...
  11. Logethica

    Q&A Ad-Blocking Ext's Poll /Facebook Comments

    IF YOU ARE USING ADGUARD "DESKTOP" RATHER THAN THE EXTENSION THEN PLEASE VOTE "I USE AN ADBLOCKER NOT INCLUDED ON THIS LIST" The Poll Is to gauge which "Adblocking" Extensions are the most popular on Malwaretips, And also to share experiences/opinions in the comments section pertaining to...
  12. J

    Extension Social Networks AdBlock for Firefox and Chrome

    Social Networks AdBlock is an extension, avalaible for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, which is able to block annoying ads during browsing our social networks. Original Description: Download for Chrome: Social Networks AdBlock Download for Firefox: Social Networks AdBlock Thanks for reading! ;)
  13. kev216

    Microsoft plans to build ad blocker into its Microsoft Edge browser

    Who needs extensions like AdBlock Plus? In a session for Web developers today, Microsoft revealed that the next version of Microsoft Edge will include its own ad blocker. One of Microsoft's biggest gambles in Windows 10 is its decision to turn Internet Explorer into a legacy product, primarily...
  14. H

    What is the best adblocker extension in your opinion?

    I'm using uBlock Origin, it's light and simple to use. I used in the past all of these adblocker and I think uBlock Origin is the Best. What is your favorite ad blocker? The light is more uBlock Origin also in your opinion? Mod Edit: added additional adblocks. Note that most work with Firefox...
  15. BoraMurdar

    Tutorial Adblocker blockers move to a whole new level

    Great article by Paul Ducklin Adblockers do pretty much what they say. They usually run as browser plugins, so they can see what’s coming and going in your browser, try to identify ads, and stop them from being downloaded, rendered or displayed. You can also block ads at your web gateway...
  16. Purshu_Pro

    Adguard v6 RC2 Released RC1 Update Notification and Download After Update This version is a first release candidate for Adguard 6.0. There were mostly minor fixes since the latest beta. For those who didn't participate in our beta test, detailed description about release candidate can be found in our...
  17. S

    ShouldIRemoveIt.com serves Adware by Sponsored Ads

    Neutral stance on AdBlockers - this post does neither encourage or discourage the user of one. Reason Software are the company behind the better known for their free security products such as HerdProtect and Reason Core Security. While their other projects include ShouldIRemoveIt.com and Boost...
  18. Online_Sword

    uBlock v.s. uBlock Origin

    Hi. I have already read this: https://www.ublock.org/faq/. But I still do not know which one of them is better. Please give some comments.
  19. S

    Ad blocking support in iOS9 and AdBlock Plus scandal

    "Now, this new report from Info iGen alleges that AdBlock Plus owner Eyeo is paying off other developers that make ad blocking plug-ins to employ the same policy in their own apps. But Eyeo isn’t suggesting companies build their own client lists, according to the report. Instead, Eyeo is...