1. Windows_Security

    Extension Adguard for Edge updated, new blockist/filter organization

    This morning while reading the news, Adguard for Edge updated. Noticeable difference a different blocklist/filter organization. Blockists are grouped differently.When using Adguard don't forget to enable the "Use optimized filters" option. This reduces size of blocklist filters by including...
  2. Prorootect

    Extensions/add-ons is the future, software is the past

    OK, I think that with the avalanche of amazing browser extensions/add-ons, the time for software solutions is over, that's the past. Extensions/add-ons - it's the present - and the future. What are your opinions....? - watch this thread closely
  3. R

    Extension Firefox Shopping Addons - are they safe to use?

    I'm seeing some interesting addons for Firefox that help compare prices in Amazon stores throughout Europe and track prices through time. My question is are these things safe to install in your browser or are best to be avoid? In case they are safe can you recommend any in particular? Thanks!
  4. K

    Q&A Best Adblocker in 2016?

    I've seen so many between the webstores and my favorite would be AdGuard. Nice design, block all kinds of ads, and got a whitelist too. Big plus. But i use AdBlocker Ultimate for Firefox, works fine aswell, but not a 5 star add-on. Tell me your opinion.