1. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Q&A Help wanted to block promoted tweets on Twitter.

    Since Twitter got a new interface design I can't seem to block promoted tweets (Uitgelicht in Dutch) anymore with the AdGuard extension or with uBlock Origin. I have to reload the Twitter startpage many times before they get blocked in the end. Also posed the issue on GitHub - AdGuard Filters -...
  2. Seyyed Akram

    Troubleshoot Waterfox and Adguard(windows)

    Hello! I am currently experiencing an issue related to certificates in Waterfox and it is Adguad that is causing the issue; disabling adguard does fix the issue.
  3. X

    Q&A AdGuard for Windows Desktop - is it safe?

    Hello there, Recently, having heard of Manifest v3 I've decided to look for a more long-term solution since currently-used-by-me uBlock Origin's fate seems rather uncertain for now. After some looking, I came across AdGuard, which actually seems pretty good on paper. Almost too good to be true...
  4. military

    Update Adguard for Windows 6.3

    AdGuard for Windows 6.3 Not so long ago we told you about CoreLibs, and why the product development was slowed down a bit. A perfect time for a big headliner product update, don't you think? :) AdGuard for Windows users will still have to wait for the CoreLibs to see fresh new exciting...
  5. Y

    Q&A Are there any proxy or dns service that acts like an adblocker?

    Currently, there is a DNS server called Adguard DNS. does anyone know other DNS servers that able to filter out the ads and malware url just like adblocker? I prefer using dns server and not the pi hole
  6. Soulweave

    Q&A Adding custom lists into Adguard Extension

    Perhaps someone will be able to help. Im looking into adding the list available at NoCoin/blacklist.txt at master · keraf/NoCoin · GitHub into my Adguard extension. considering how the blacklist file is, does anyone know what modifications need to be made to import such list? Thanks
  7. H2O.

    Troubleshoot Bitdefender blocked Adguard

    Today I logged into my Bitdefender Central and I found a notification saying that a malicious file was blocked, only to find out that it was Adguard. Anyone else experienced the same issue, or does anyone know the reason for this?
  8. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Is it safe to use AdGuard on Tor Browser?

    Tor recommends everyone not to add any extensions or add-ons in case there ever is a flaw with them. However, the Tor browser doesn't block ads, only scripts. Would it be safe to use AdGuard?
  9. steel9

    Q&A Do you think the AdGuard deal is worth it? (Lifetime license for 4 devices - $34.99)

    As seen on BleepingComputer Deals, you can get AdGuard Premium for 2 computers + 2 Android phones lifetime for $34.99, updates included. Is it worth it? I mean, you can get uBlock Origin for free, but it only supports Chrome.
  10. pablozi

    Avira and Adguard are joining forces for safer Web

    Ads are getting more and more dangerous, warns an antivirus and integrates Adguard Avira, a popular European antivirus, has become a partner of Adguard and added the ad blocking feature based on our technology and filters to their browser extensions. The developers have made this decision after...
  11. S

    soccer97's Security Configuration

    Known weaknesses: Need a good, robust paid Internet Security Suite (ESET, KIS/KTS, etc). I am trying to use as much 64-bit software as possible. I also, I need to upgrade to the copy I have of Windows 10 EDU 64-bit so I can use Group Policy, BitLocker and harden the system + (Windows To-Go)...
  12. ant_gamal

    Expired AdGuard Giveaway: FREE 1 year license keys!

    Harry up for adgurde 1 year free for pc android ios Just a valid e-mail Get a free license key for Adguard! I think it is for 1 day then you can not get this free 1 year
  13. Sundaram999

    Expired Get one of the 100 licenses of Adguard

    Adguard v6.1 for free from Giveawayoftheday Complete the tasks to get as many entries as possible. 1. Download Adguard (Demo/ Trial) 2. Like Adguard page on Facebook 3. Follow Adguard on Instagram 4. Follow Adguard on Twitter 5. Check out Adguard for android 6. Subscribe to newsletter from...
  14. shukla44

    Shukla44's Security Config (Desktop)

    NOTE: Keep in mind, ONLY security-related programs on my system are mentioned above. This is my current desktop security config. What do you guys think? Please give your honest opinions. Previous Security Config (2016) - shukla44's Security Configuration (Desktop) Additional Info: I have...
  15. shukla44

    Android Shukla44's Android Security Setup

    Anti-virus: Kaspersky Anti-theft: Kaspersky Ad-blocker & Firewall: Adguard Password Manager: Sticky Password VPN: Windscribe
  16. Fritz

    Update Adguard Desktop Release R2 beta

    The Adguard team has just released a new beta for their desktop product, which includes changes regarding the controversial WoT extension. Installed on my Windows 10 64bit machines with no issues. Here goes: New beta fixes several bugs and makes some changes to UI. Also, recent WoT controversy...
  17. Y

    Adguard DNS now supports DNSCrypt

    Good news from Adguard DNS! Instead of a regular client-server interaction protocol, Adguard DNS now allows you to use a specific encrypted protocol - DNSCrypt. Now all requests between your computer and Adguard DNS servers can be encrypted with secure elliptic curve cryptography to protect...
  18. 0136d0n

    Help Me Decide OpenDNS & Adguard's Safe Browsing

    Thanks in advance :)
  19. S

    ESET Smart Security 9 and Adguard Certificate Errors (Workaround)

    I found a way to reduce 90% of the Adguard/ESET certificate errors. Go into services, and stop Adguard's service from running. Simply disabling protection by right clicking on the icon is not sufficient. If you stop the service, things start working again. This is with HTTPS scanning enabled on...