1. S

    Reasons NOT to Buy a $1000 Samsung Galaxy S10

    Thanks to @plat1098 for sharing this link, as posted here. Quoted from Galaxy S10+ review: Too many compromises for the sky-high price "Since this is a Samsung phone, let's talk crapware! This is an unlocked phone direct from Samsung, so with no carrier involvement, this is as good as it gets...
  2. S

    Solved Random ads opening every ~40 minutes

    Hi, So I recently downloaded a torrent file from a russian website, which of course had a virus come with it. About every 40 minutes a random ad window will pop up in Google Chrome, regardless of Chrome being open or not. I have tried everything I could think of in order to remove the virus...
  3. BlazingIceMCPE

    Troubleshoot Which apps are malicious?

    Hi. Since around yesterday, random ads started popping up at apps and my home screen and I was constantly redirected to Chrome and Google Play Store. Can someone tell me the most common malicious apps? If it turns out that there are no malicious apps installed on my galaxy s5, why are there so...
  4. Ender Hugo

    Solved Counterflix...

    Good old counterflix is really annoying me.
  5. L S

    Hacking Alert Ads don't work so websites are using your electricity to pay the bills

    Pirate Bay and Showtime turned to forcing unknowing visitors to mine cryptocurrency, using computers rather than eyeballs on ads to generate money! The Pirate Bay posted in mid-September that code was ‘just a test’. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo. With the continuing collapse in online...
  6. Takemaster

    Q&A Is this ads safe?

    Hello. I'm using Adblock Plus on my phone and I entered a forum that using Xenforo. My Adblock didn't block this ads/news. Is them malicious? I scanned my phone with Kaspersky and nothing found.
  7. Yoda

    Troubleshoot How to block Ads in Skype?

    Is there any easy way to block ads in skype? I tried to add all known skype ad sources to etc\hosts. It is working for a while but after every 1-2 new skype updates, ads are popping up again. Adding new sources to hosts ... etc... While I am in my LAN I don't care about ads (Although...
  8. idunno

    Q&A Any trusted Mobile adblockers?

    The title says it all. I really need an adblocker for my phone, I go to allot of sites that use ads which probably contain malware. Any trusted mobile adblocker? -thanks!
  9. Malakke

    Google plans to clean up the web with Chrome ad blocker next year

    Bad news.... Chrome will block some ads, but...
  10. M

    Solved Counterflix ads and random ad popups

    Hi i got rid of the virus once then it came back again the next day and now im stuck with it. i saw that there was counterflix, dns unlocker, and a reimage website keeps popping up, this happened when i was taking an online exam and needed to download a progrem that let someone control my...
  11. B

    Solved Chrome ad-redirect virus on clicks

    No idea what to do in order to solve this. Please help!
  12. L

    A pop-up on one site that redirects somewhere else

    I go on this site called mangapark everyday and i'm on it all the time but starting two or three days ago a certain pop up would show up and redirect me to some website. I thought it was strange and that maybe it was somewhere i clicked, since it didn't pop up again for hours or at least until i...
  13. M

    Solved Random audio ads playing in background

    My laptop has been playing random audio ads in the background. Please help.
  14. A

    Solved Chrome redirect websites and some ads appear unexpectedly

    Hi this Maleware drives me crazy. it redirects websites to some other pages and some ads appear unexpectedly. i have done lots of scans as i described. i am really need your help i have uploaded your requested files my adwcleaner scan did not found any issues. thanks
  15. frogboy

    How to block ads in Microsoft Edge and Windows 10

    Microsoft Edge comes out as a promise to finally end the bad era of Internet Explorer. It’s a browser built from scratch with new UI, new engine and many other promising things. On the speed test front, Edge now on par with or sometime faster than its competitors. However, one thing that keep...
  16. J

    Unknown Virus (Causes Pop Up Adds)

    I believe I explained it quite well above, but I am continuously redirected and bombarded with pop up ads. I am unaware what I downloaded or clicked that caused this to happen (In other words I am simply unaware of the origin(s) of these ads) There are times when I can't even click on the page...
  17. C

    Solved I get Pricefountain ads and links turn into crazy html on product pages.

    Hello I study, but im my sparetime i write articles and help a danish ski site. So this is not work. When i try to make articles i cant fill out the classic, boxes where i typ ind headline, text, pictures etc. Furthermore when i go to check out the jackets on the ski site, a lot of category...
  18. R

    Lucky Bright Ads cannot be found by any anti-malware

    Hello! I am new here, and this my las hope of finding a solution after spending a few hours of checking the web for solutions, nothing worked, i'm hopless. Like I sayd i tryed all that i could find on the internet, like 10 different tipes of anti-malware programs and none of them found the...
  19. B

    About Those "Ads" Showing Up in the Windows 10 Start Menu

    There's some talk online that the Windows 10 Start menu has started showing ads on your desktop, a thing that's pretty much unacceptable for lots of users out there and which obviously affects the already damaged image of the new operating system even more. While having ads in the Windows 10...