1. S

    Malware Alert Adware posing as 85 Gaming and Photography Apps [Link to List]

    For reading. https://blog.trendmicro.com/trendlabs-security-intelligence/adware-posing-as-85-photography-and-gaming-apps-on-google-play-installed-over-8-million-times/ List: Appendix [PDF]
  2. G

    Problem with dolohen and oneclick

    Good night, recently an adware found its way to my computer trough google chrome and i dont know what to do because i already tried malwarebytes, adwcleaner and all the programs known to man to get rid of the pop up ad, to the point i reinstalled windows and the pop up and the redirection from...
  3. M

    Solved Safari homepage suddenly changed to localhost

    Hi there, I'm new here and looking for some help (I'm not sure if this is the right place, so if it's not please point me where I need to go). The homepage on my Safari has suddenly changed to http://localhost/?"\ and I'm unable to change it back to Google. I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6...
  4. S

    Adfly links redirect me to gloyah.net and other various malicous sites .

    I am trying to download minecraft addons and texture packs , such as this one : https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/naturalia . When i click download it redirects me to gloyah.net and other malicous sites instead of adfly . i did some research and apparently its due to adware on my...
  5. S

    Q&A Risks of “Not-a-Virus” Adware - Adware is Malware?

    Source: Let adware be treated as malware, Canuck boffins declare after breaking open Wajam ad injector Read [PDF] - Privacy and Security Risks of “Not-a-Virus” Bundled Adware: The Wajam Case
  6. vuonglh94

    Solved Unable to find this adware

    Hi, I've been having a problem with this adware, it keeps opening ad tabs even if chrome or firefox was not open. I have use a lot of adware cleaner or scaner like bitdefender or kaspersky, but still can't find it. I hope someone helps me and thanks
  7. A

    Whats going on with Gizmo's Freeware?

    I'm getting a little concerned by Gizmo's Freeware (techsupportalert.com) after they banned me twice, the first time was immediately after signing up. a few minutes after I posted a thread under a new account, concerned about two products listed in "Realtime-Protection" (Baidu and Tencent)...
  8. S

    "naganoadigei. com" Adware keeps redirecting to websites despite scanning with Bitdefender,Malwarebytes, HitmanPro

    I keep getting redirected to different websites. The link first reads as "Naganoadigei. com" and then redirects to websites with tons of ads in it. I have tried scanning with almost everything out there, including the pro version of Bitdefender but could not find anything. Also, the windows...
  9. HeartSoaker

    Adware that I can't find anywhere

    I have an adware that Malwarebytes doesn't see, that is not in applications, and it does not show up in profiles. I use OSX.14 Mojave. When I click on anywhere on a website, it just opens the same website on another tab and an ad appears on the old tab. I would be happy if you could help me.
  10. S

    Discuss How do users get infected with Browser Hijacking/Adware?

    We get it, it's common on Windows and macOS. But how does it occur, and why are they so difficult to remove? Is there a video demonstration of this scenario.
  11. S

    SvcHost.exe hollow processes

    SvcHost.exe creates 2 hollow processes that use 50% cpu . every hour or so it opens random ad on chrome when i try to search malwarebyte programs or antivirus programs chrome/mozzila crashes malwarebytes wont run unless i end those tasks in task manager but they start on their own 30 min...
  12. Fascinus

    SvcHost.exe Hollow Process - Please Help

    I'm having trouble with a hollowed svchost.exe and it seems related to newcityinworld.ru Like most of the other posts it creates 2 processes. Both, void in name. Taking up +55% CPU on the first and 0.5% on the second. The strange thing about this is they didn't appear until after I removed the...
  13. shadowfigure

    Adware redirects on browser, scanned with Malwarebytes, Zemana, and Hitman Pro

    This adware appears to hijacks and injects a code onto a browser tab on chrome, creating a popup when you click anywhere on the webpage which redirects to either an IP address, or an HTML link (lang.gz, utarget.ru), which redirects me to a site completely in Russian (quantum-computer.org). So...
  14. P

    Solved Cryptominer

    Around 4 days ago i stumbled apon a big problem because i saw that in the middle of an overwatch game the game minimalyzed and the ad popped up just out of nowhere. After the fact i immediately checked the task manager to which i found a process without a name using 50-60% of the cpu. It turned...
  15. Z

    Browser (chrome problem?) opens ad tab randomly

    Hello, Sometime ago I started having a chrome tab open randomly with a random generated ad tab. Even when chrome isn't running it opens one tab up, so I tried searching for malware problems and noticed that if I searched "malware" or "adware" words, chrome would turn off automatically. I've...
  16. A

    Q&A Vermetus - a Mac worm? Trojan? Adware?

    Many of you are surely familiar with the recent infection of the Transmission app by KeRanger ransomware, but it turns out it might not be the only one infected. Yesterday I downloaded BitTorrent, and when I fired it up nothing happened, which was a bit worrying. I tried scanning the app with G...
  17. P


    Hi there, First of all, I am new here, so I am not sure this is the right section of the forum to write this sort of problems. My issuses begin yesterday when I install a fake app which contained some sort of virus. Suddently both adwcleaner and avg were not working anymore. Also, ads used to...
  18. S

    Solved rundll32 is infected

    Hi, I was surfing on the net ( my brother was a bit laggy) and i get a notification from Bitdefender saying that rundll32.exe from C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and update.exe from C:\Windows\Temp\wjm9172 were blocked and it was saying the notification every 5~10 min. Thanks you in advance for your...
  19. yitworths

    Malware Alert Adware Launches In-Browser Mining Sites Pretending to be Cloudflare

    FileTour is an adware bundle that is commonly spread as cracks or cheats for games and other software. This bundle is notorious for crossing the line between what is traditionally known as adware and PUPs and more dangerous computer infections such as password-stealing Trojans and miners. This...
  20. T

    Adware when opening a tab on Chrome

    Hi I'm new to this site but i guess it's the only place i can post this. So two days ago I downloaded some sketchy files. Now I'm full of russian adware on my pc. I deleted most of it but there's still some left. The most annoying thing is that a "website" tries to open everytime i open a new...