1. S

    Android Your Top 10 Favourite Apps for Android? | 2018

    For Android users and alike, what are you Top 10 favourite apps? Example: Most favourite App App 2 App 3 App 4 App 5 App 6 App 7 App 8 App 9 Less favourite, but still in your Top 10 Optionally add details such as Why it's your favourite? Is it Ad-free, Open-source, Exclusive to your device etc..
  2. DarkLense

    Android Does anyone use Google Assistant?

    Does anyone use Google Assistant? Personally, I know apps like this and Cortana can be extremely useful at some point, but I guess I just got used to doing everything manually that I barely use apps like this. One of those that hang there and never get opened. Apparently, the news is Google...
  3. S

    Android Changed (Unreleased) - Track changelogs for app updates

    Download: Changes - Android Apps on Google Play Changes provides changelog details after an app update. App extracts information from the What's New section on Google Play Store app / website into a single app for ease of use. No more checking changelogs from Play Store URL/searches.
  4. S

    Android Studio - Learn and Develop Apps

    Documentation: Meet Android Studio | Android Studio Periodic updates are pushed to Android Studio without requiring you to update your Android project. To manually check for updates, select Help > Check for update (on Mac, select Android Studio > Check for updates). Android Studio is the...
  5. Jrs30

    Android Android users can test games for the Google search engine

    Source : Olhar Digital: Notícia: Usuários de Android poderão testar jogos pelo buscador do Google Soon, users with Android devices no longer need to download games to know if they are as good as expected, it will be possible to test them by Google. The company announced that it will publish a...
  6. S

    Android Downloading an app or two developed in China

    I was looking at these 2 apps (needed). There are some alternatives that may work. My only concern is that they were made/developed in China, and apparently lots of malware comes out of there. Would you guys trust it to put on your freshly factory reset phone? (I have a strong security product...
  7. Maximum

    What mobile apps do you use on a daily basis?

    What mobile apps do you use on a daily basis? I normally use: Skype CCleaner Spotify CyberGhostVPN Google Chrome