1. S

    Privacy Alert Government Spyware in Google Play Store; Exodus Malware

    Source: Government spyware hidden in Google Play store apps Motherboard Link 1: Researchers Find Google Play Store Apps Were Actually Government Malware Update: Motherboard Link 2: Prosecutors Launch Investigation Into Company That Put Malware on Google Play Store Technical Report: Security...
  2. Parsh

    Security Alert Yet Another Android Trojan Malware - downloaded over 4.2M times from Play Store

    Even after multiple efforts by Google, malicious apps managed to bypass its Play Store's anti-malware protections. Security firm Check Point on Thursday published a blog post revealing at least 50 free Android apps on Play Store that were downloaded between 1 & 4.2 Million times before Google...
  3. Parsh

    Malware Alert Android malware ‘Judy’ hits about 36.5M Phones

    The security firm Checkpoint on Thursday uncovered dozens of Android applications that infected users’ devices with malicious ad-click software. In at least one case, an app bearing the malware was available through the Google Play app store for more than a year. Fashion Judy: Pretty Rapper...
  4. S

    3.5 million pieces of Malware for Android

    Read more at Why you should care about Android malware and the importance of security patches We wish there was better news here, but as usual, we can only offer the advice to be careful what you install and get all of your apps from Google play. Stay safe.
  5. S

    Verify Apps: Protection against Potentially Harmful Apps (Google Android Security)

    Source: Why Android malware scares are almost never as bad as they seem On Android, it's split between the OS and Play Services. Google Android Security: Shielding you from Potentially Harmful Applications Earlier this month, we shared an overview of the ways we keep you safe, on Google and on...
  6. J

    Google - Android malware hunting: 6 billion apps analyzed every day

    The second annual report on the safety of the Android platform on 2015 and recently published by Google, opens with numbers that testify to the efforts to reduce the spread of malicious apps. Enhancing investment in machine learning and event correlation, Google has managed to carry on an...
  7. Andra Zaharia

    Security Alert: Mazar BOT Campaign Spoofs Post Denmark, Infects Almost 1500 Devices in Italy as Well

    Mazar BOT malware is at it again, this time targeting users in Denmark and Italy. Hundreds of devices have already been infected and it might get even worse. Check out the details.
  8. J

    Xbot Android Trojan Steals Banking Info, Encrypts Devices

    A new piece of malware targeting Android devices has been found, which exhibits multiple malicious activities, ranging from stealing banking credentials and credit card information, to encrypting files on external storage, researchers at Palo Alto Networks warn. Dubbed Xbot, the Trojan was...
  9. D

    Rooting malware lurking in third party Android app stores

    Downloading Android apps from Google Play might not always be a safe proposition, but downloading them from third party app stores is definitely less safer. According to Trend Micro mobile threats analyst Jordan Pan, the company has recently discovered over 1,163 malicious Trojanized APKs in...
  10. D

    60+ Trojanized Android games lurking on Google Play

    Dr. Web researchers have discovered over 60 Trojanized game apps being offered on Google Play through more than 30 different game developer accounts. The games are made to look like other popular offerings but hide a Trojan (dubbed "Xiny") that collects device information, shows unwanted ads...
  11. J

    Android: Google removes 13 malwares from Play Store!

    Android at risk, 13 applications containing malware have just been removed from the Play Store. The ease with which you can publish your own Android application using the Play Store, he favors no doubt the possibility of malware we introduce in our smartphone. Under guidance of the company...
  12. J

    Android, more than 6400 malware codes: the fault lies with the system failed updates!

    Android, the operating system would currently be exposed to ben 6400 potential malware based codes. Like every quarter, these days the usual Mobile Malware Report was published by G DATA. The German company operates since 1985 the production of software dedicated to it security and has...
  13. J

    WhatsApp, malware hits Samsung devices and steal personal data!

    WhatsApp, instant messaging service is again under attack by malware. This time the only terminals affected are those branded Samsung. This is not the first time that the widespread application to Exchange Multimedia messages through the Internet become victims of dangerous malware can cause...
  14. D

    Malware- Android phone

    If a phone gets infected by a virus/malware whatsoever, do the bakup files in Drive get infected too? Most probably not, right ? And other than that, can a phone battery get a virus ? Not the phone, but battery. Is that even possible ? Thanks.
  15. Jack

    Watch Shedun Adware Install Unwanted Apps Without User Interaction

    Zero interaction was needed in a proof-of-concept video released by Lookout, a cyber-security vendor specialized in mobile device security. The guilty party in the video is called Shedun (also known as GhostPush), a trojanized adware that infects a user's phone and roots the device when the...
  16. S

    New Android lock-screen-type Ransomware ITW (ESET Research)

    WELIVESECURITY.COM - Aggressive android ransomware in USA: Tricks users with adult videos ESET researchers have discovered the first known Android lock-screen-type ransomware spreading in the wild that sets the phone’s PIN lock. Malware writers have stepped up their game, and with the new...
  17. S

    Sophisticated CAPTCHA-Bypassing Malware Found in Google Play (Bitdefender Research)

    HOTFORSECURITY.COM - Sophisticated CAPTCHA-Bypassing Malware Found in Google Play, According to Bitdefender Researchers A sophisticated CAPTCHA-bypassing Android malware has been found harbored in Google Play apps seeking to covertly subscribe thousands of users to premium-rate services...