1. upnorth

    Opera Opera for Android 54

    Version 54 comes with a major design shift, with which we go beyond dark and light modes and add plenty of colors. The first iteration of the new design, codenamed Squircles, also includes flatter elements and softer edges. Our current users will, however, still feel the comfort of familiar and...
  2. V

    Android Vasudev's Nokia 8.1(TA-1121)

    This is my new Android phone's security config as I just switched from W10M to Android.
  3. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Security Alert Critical Bug in Android Antivirus Exposes Address Books

    Comprehensive testing of 21 free Android antivirus apps revealed big security vulnerabilities and privacy concerns; especially for AEGISLAB, BullGuard, dfndr and VIPRE. A slew of popular free Android antivirus apps in recent testing proved to have security holes and privacy issues – including a...
  4. CyberTech

    Malware Alert More than 25 million Android devices infected with 'Agent Smith' malware

    More information https://www.techspot.com/news/80885-more-than-25-million-android-devices-infected-agent.html
  5. DeepWeb

    Android Deepweb's Pixel 3 XL

    Upgraded to a Pixel 3 XL for faster security updates, file encryption.
  6. R

    Help Me Decide Clean Master Phone Boost or something else?

    I install this app a few times per month and delete cache + perform AV scan. I can tell you that it DOES help, not only my phone feels faster and smoother, I actually measured it several times using AnTuTu Benchmark - and always got better score after the cleaning. So there is definitely...
  7. Threadripper

    Hardening and Securing Android?

    Apart from the usual screen lock, updates, antivirus and VPN advice, is there anything else that can be done to secure and harden Android? Also sharing security/privacy related apps that aren't antiviruses seems beneficial.
  8. V

    Android The End of Android?

    Android could be replaced with a new mobile operating system that Google are working on right now, according to shock new claims. Android is one of the most used pieces of software in the world. It's Marketing Procentual is 85%. So so You think the new Fuchsia will replace Android? btw it's an...
  9. S

    How often do you restart your Phone?

    Vote options in Poll above. Sony recommends that I reboot my Xperia device once every 7 days.
  10. R

    Q&A Avast! Anti-Theft alternative for Android?

    I'm only using Avast on my phone because of their anti-theft feature. It's free and it can be controlled via SMS. Is there more light-weight comparable free standalone antit-heft solution like that?
  11. J

    Q&A Best android emulator for Windows

    Hello. I want to play some android games and apps on my PC. Is using emulator good? If it is then please help me for this as I have 4GB RAM with i5 8th gen processor.
  12. R

    Android Which Android antivirus has the best detection rate?

    This should be rather a simple question (based on many of the tests done by independent companies, etc...). Which one of them has the best detection ratio? I don't use any antivirus on my Android, but I like to install some "on-demand" scanner from time to time, just to make sure, so which one...
  13. R

    Which Android browser is the lightest of them all?

    In terms of everything - ESPECIALLY resource usage, but also data consumption...
  14. Handsome Recluse

    Palm Phone

    I want that launcher tho.