1. A

    Android Nock Nock

    I know there are webservices dedicated for knock, but I like the idea behind this app, it allows check simply the status code, or run a custom JavaScript on the sites you choose. Nock Nock is a simple app which allows you to monitor your websites for maximum uptime. The app will automatically...
  2. Dima007

    Discuss AV-TEST GmbH - The best antivirus & security software for Android - July 2018

    Test antivirus software for Android - July 2018
  3. lowdetection

    Android Carnet

    Carnet is a powerful note taking app which purpose is not only to write your shopping list but can also be used to write longer texts, stories, etc. Carnet is available on Android and Linux, soon on your web browser, Windows and Mac, with sync capabilities Features Complete editor ...
  4. lowdetection

    Android DNS Hero

    DNS Hero let you inspect DNS zones easily. This app will give you information about the root nameserver, nameservers associated with the domain and various other DNS records (A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, SOA). You can also view the domain health as a diagnostic is run. Built using the Zone Vision...
  5. LASER_oneXM

    Privacy Alert Android Apps Infected With Windows Keylogger Removed From Google Play Store (145 apps infected)

    Blog: Hidden Devil in the Development Life Cycle: Google Play Apps Infected with Windows Executable Files - Palo Alto Networks Blog
  6. yitworths

    Android Which is your Preferred Android App Store?

    From which app store you feel comfortable to install apps & why? (Feel free to rant if you need)
  7. jackuars

    Off-Topic Your 3 favorite Android apps

    I know this is going to be hard to pick, but if you had to choose what would be those 3 favorite Android apps of yours on your mobile phone [excluding games]. For me it's 1. OpenCamera - probably the best free Android camera I've used [Opensource] 2. TickTick - for to-do list, check-list &...
  8. yitworths

    Google YouTube picture-in-picture now available for U.S. Android users

    YouTube has confirmed that picture-in-picture mode — previously a paid-only feature — has now rolled out to all U.S. YouTube users on Android on supported devices. The feature, which works on Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher, had been slowly rolling out to non-Premium subscribers since this April...
  9. upnorth

    Malware Alert Malware Infected Battery App on Play Store Infects 60,000 Users

    The policy point towards someones else app/site. There are other apps that already have the exact same name and it's still available on the Play Store at the time this is posted.
  10. yitworths

    Q&A This is why android users don't need AV. Do they though?

    Malicious Apps Get Back on the Play Store Just by Changing Their Name -Source: Bleeping Computer. Many of my friends & their other friends believe Google Play store is enough for their mobile's security. I hope after reading this they will at least think twice before saying that aloud. Malware...
  11. feelsdabman

    Android feelsdabman's Mobile Config

    I want to avoid Google as much as I can. I plan to get the Librem 5 when it comes out, but until then, this is the best I could do in regards to my privacy. I disabled and uninstalled almost everything that came preinstalled. I don't even use the Google play store, I am now using F-Droid and...
  12. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Which Android AV Has The Best Signatures?

    I plan to use a firewall on Android, but I also need a good scanner. Who has the best signatures nowadays?