1. alakazam

    Help Me Decide Anti-ransomware and anti-keylogger: ZoneAlarm or Hitman Pro Alert

    Which of the two provides the best anti-ransomware and anti-keylogger: ZoneAlarm (Extreme Security and Anti-Ransomware - they are two different programs cause the anti-ransomeware tool is not included in ZoneAlarm's Extreme Security software for some reason :confused:) or Hitman Pro Alert (which...
  2. S

    Q&A How does Zemana's Anti-keylogger for Android work?

    Get: FREE Antivirus For Android Found this buried on their blog, source at end. Secret spy in your device The scene with Flash Keyboard was definitely among them. The app was actually among the most popular apps on Google Play Store if we look at the download rate, until cyber security...
  3. conceptualclarity

    Expired Zemana AntiLogger Premium (1 year license) One-Day Giveaway

    Zemana AntiLogger - Identity Theft Prevention at its Best How Can Financial Malware Harm you? Obtain your credentials (usernames, passwords and credit card details) Empty out your bank account Authorize payments in your name Sounds dangerous? Don't Worry, We Got You Covered. Zemana...
  4. D

    Covert Pro

    Home: Protection against spyware seems to be a kind of anti-spyware/logger Virtual Desktop. interesting.
  5. D

    Should I use Zemana Anti-Logger and Anti-Malware - I have a one year testing license

    Should I use Zemana Anti-Logger and Anti-Malware - I have a one year testing license
  6. S

    Keystroke Encryption in HitmanPro Alert?

    HitmanPro Alert offers Keystroke Encryption for web browsers. However, during my tests with Zemana Simulator and SpyShelter test tools, all keystrokes were captured and clearly displayed as being non-encrypted. This included typed text and links shared to the clipboard. Does this mean only the...