1. camo7782

    Compare Protection Security solution for prosumer? (2 PCs)

    I need to protect two machines, both are running W10; one is my work PC and the other a gaming PC. Actually Im running GData Internet Security on both, but it seems it is draining more resources at every update, and occasionally some modules goes offline. I came with a list of possible...
  2. M

    Hello New Mem

    Hello new member here hope every one is fine and well ..
  3. R

    Q&A What's the recommended Anti Malware in 2018?

    I used to have Malwarebytes, but it just got my PC so slow, or completely stuck, that I had to give it up. What are the community recommended anti malware software packages for 2018? EDIT: Currently use Kaspersky Internet Security. Just interested in getting extra protection with an Anti Malware.
  4. D

    Hello and thank you so much for the kind welcome!

    Not sure what to do, I upgraded my windows 7 to the free windows 10 and I HATE IT!! My computer was so slow that I couldn't do anything on it and my little girl loves to play the sims but it was just impossible to play any games at all what soever and I ran Malwarebytes and Hitman and my...
  5. S

    Q&A Antivirus with Parental Control Feature

    I want to go for an anti-malware product with parental control feature. I have come across a brand namely Reve Antivirus in google search which offers this feature in its premium products. Just curious if anyone has used this software???
  6. D

    Update Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.8 released

    Emsisoft is proud to announce our new build with the Firewall Fortification feature: Read more here : New in 2017.8: Windows Firewall Fortification Changelog: Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.8 released
  7. idunno

    Will an anti malware uninstall the program that installed the malware or only the malware itself?

    If a program installed malware and the anti malware found something. Will it delete the malware itself or will it delete the program that came with the malware too? -thanks!
  8. idunno

    Q&A Will an anti malware uninstall the program that installed the malware or only the malware itself?

    If a program installed malware and the anti malware found something. Will it delete the malware itself or will it delete the program that came with the malware too?
  9. idunno

    What is the diffrence between Premium ZAM and Portable ZAM?

    Well, today I got a notfication saying zemana premuim has 7 more days for its trial and after that my computer wont be protected. I know the portable version is free, but what are the diffrences? -Thanks!
  10. K

    Help Me Decide "Avast Free 2017 with aggressive setting" vs "F-secure SAFE 2017"

    Good evening everyone! Thank you for your access to here and reading my post. Tonight, I want to ask you that how much the Avast Free Antivirus reaches some solid anti-malware software, which are the paid version. Now I am using F-secure SAFE as Trial license on desktop PC, which is one of the...
  11. K

    Q&A Why should I turn on "site blocking" feature provided by anti-malware soft?

    Good evening all! Thank you for your access here. Now I am having a question about effecting of dangerous site blocking feature. Some anti-malware softs are having too agressive site blocker. Their blocker disconnect connection to websites which are obviously safe. I think that some people...
  12. icerulez

    Expired Unhack me version 8.80 free serial

    here is the serial , note : no update allowed. but working well :rolleyes: download link : UnHackMe U880-AP17-345A-719F have fun
  13. Durden

    Expired Zemana AL chip.de giveaway - 365 days

    Zemana - Best Anti-Keylogger Software and Identity Theft Protection Activate ASAP since it's limited to 10,000 licenses for this code .
  14. lb.luca.bonetti

    Personal presentation to everybody

    Hello everybody, I just wanted to say hello because I just registered! I am an italian guy so interested in malware prevention, security softwares and programming. I would like to work in that industry, even if I did not attend university. If you ever wondered to start your own anti-malware or...
  15. Parsh

    New MalwareFox (anti-malware) from Wolf-Of-WebStreet

    I happened to come across a new Security software called the MalwareFox. It has been promoted in many answers and comments at Quora by a few folks. Here's what the product looks like: And what their claims are: Absolutely! A clone of Zemana Antimalware having the same components and design...
  16. R

    RTQMARK's security config January 2017

    Hi everyone, As per recommendation here are my current specs. I'm looking into replacing Malwarebytes as I've had an issue with the lifetime licenses I purchased on Amazon UK and I'm not sure it'll be solved. Any security recommendations are welcome, so please let me know. Thanks!
  17. R

    Q&A Anti Malware software recommendation

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting and what brought me here is my need for advice. I have not had any infection for a long time and I'm using Kaspersky alongside Malwarebytes. My Malwarebytes licenses were purchased through Amazon UK a couple of years ago and they were lifetime...
  18. J

    John Jr. Win XP Pro Sp3 Config

    Hi everybody, I am using Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) on my laptop running under Windows XP Professional Sp3. Please, I would like to ask if KIS is efficient enought to protect against all or most of all viruses and malwares, if KIS requires a special configuration for this and if an...
  19. OSHI

    Hello, everyone!

    Hello, everyone! It's nice to join you guys :) Since I work in anti-malware software company, it's really important for me to be here, to check new trends and to learn which way of improvements users may need.
  20. Logethica

    Q&A The Antivirus, Anti-Malware, & UAC Poll

    The Antivirus, Anti-Malware, & UAC Preferences Poll: For many of us here Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and UAC are cornerstones of computer security, yet our preferences regarding the choice or settings of these still differ from person to person. This Poll is to gauge those differences. ANTIVIRUS...