1. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Security Alert Critical Bug in Android Antivirus Exposes Address Books

    Comprehensive testing of 21 free Android antivirus apps revealed big security vulnerabilities and privacy concerns; especially for AEGISLAB, BullGuard, dfndr and VIPRE. A slew of popular free Android antivirus apps in recent testing proved to have security holes and privacy issues – including a...
  2. Robbie

    Discuss Known Problems with Most Common AV's

    Another thread I thought about (wow Robbie you're on fire today!). Share a fact about the AV you use or about an AV you heard of that has specific problems or facts that need to be known before instaling. The purpose of this is to let users know what kind of issues or scenarios they will face...
  3. SpectraShadow83

    Compare Protection Dr.Web or Kaspersky?

    Dr.Web or Kaspersky as the best protective solution?
  4. J

    Help Me Decide Looking for an alternative to G-DATA?

    Hello! I currently have G-DATA Internet Security, both of my parents are on my plan for a grand total of 3 devices. Ever since I first installed G-DATA, I've had nothing but problems with it on all the devices and their customer support is particularly crap. I'm looking at AVAST Internet...
  5. C

    Discuss Prevent self-developed software from being diagnosed as a virus

    Let me describe my situation, I develop some accounting software of VB winform to use, normaly my software will modify registry to set offcie trusted location and whether the user who reads in registry has admin authority. However, I found here that it is no problem for VirusTotal to scan my exe...
  6. camo7782

    Compare Protection Security solution for prosumer? (2 PCs)

    I need to protect two machines, both are running W10; one is my work PC and the other a gaming PC. Actually Im running GData Internet Security on both, but it seems it is draining more resources at every update, and occasionally some modules goes offline. I came with a list of possible...
  7. Z

    Help Me Decide Kaspersky or Emsisoft or Eset or Avast

    I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for few years. But recently, Kasepersky has been automatically deleting some crypto apps. I have added these apps to trusted application as well as added to exclusions but still Kaspersky flags them or auto deletes them after few hours. Few days...
  8. S

    Discuss More Security Endpoint Tech Isn't Always Better

    Read more: More Security Endpoint Tech Isn't Always Better Enterprises are investing in different types of endpoint security products to secure their systems, but when technology doesn’t play well with each other, the systems are left unprotected. Since there is no one-size-fits-all...
  9. S

    Q&A Why Do You Use Windows Defender Antivirus?

    For Part 1: Windows 10 - Why Do You Use Windows 10? Self-explained thread title. Windows Defender Antivirus is: Invades Your Privacy Sends All Data to Microsoft Servers Very Weak Protection Slows Down My PC Scans All My 1000 Downloaded Files Low Detection Rate Easily Bypassed No Real Firewall...
  10. ichito

    Discuss AVLab's Recommendations - Paid Antivirus Suites (2019)

    Full article https://avlab.pl/best-recommended-specialized-antivirus-suites-avlab
  11. SeriousHoax

    Discuss Stupid default settings of some Antiviruses

    The issue is anti-viruses like AVG, Avast, Emsisoft, Eset, Mcafee don’t scan files when I enter into a folder. What I mean is, if in a folder there are few malwares with .exe extensions or else and I enter into the folder, the anti-viruses that I mentioned above don’t detect and remove them...
  12. CyberTech

    Discuss Best Windows 10 Security Products to Clean an Infected Computer

    While most of us run antivirus solutions to prevent malware infections, there are times when such products are necessary in order to remove a virus that has already reached our data. Research conducted by AV-TEST thus tries to determine which security tools we should use in case we just want to...
  13. Robbie

    Discuss "Overkill": excessive protection and the false sense of security

    How many times have you seen it? Or suffered it? It's the overkill disease and these are the most common forms in which they can be found: What else can I add to my setup? I currently have Kaspersky Total Security + VoodooShield Pro + OSArmor + Comodo Firewall (cruelsister settings!) What's a...
  14. G

    Help Me Decide Antivirus software that provide a similar feature to BAFS?

    I found this website: + Home - Windows Defender Testground Are there any other antivirus software other than Windows Defender that provide a similar feature to BAFS? Also how do I enable BAFS?
  15. H

    Discuss Is EXE Radar Pro good to use as an antivirus program?

    I just found this program on novirusthanks site, it is an interesting software. Thank you for your comment in advance :)
  16. Hawaii007

    Discuss Real-World & Malware Protection Tests September 2018

    Real-World Protection Test September 2018 – Factsheet | AV-Comparatives Malware Protection Test September 2018 | AV-Comparatives Online and Offline Malware test Sept AV-comp.
  17. Hawaii007

    Discuss AV-Test Windows 10: August 2018 Business

    Test antivirus software for Windows 10 - August 2018
  18. Hawaii007

    Discuss AV-Test Windows 10: August 2018 for Home users

    Test antivirus software for Windows 10 - August 2018
  19. Hawaii007

    Discuss If you had to choose a 3 piece security combo, what would it be?

    If you had to choose a 3 piece combo for your security system and performance. What would you choose? Not a security suite. Firewall + Antivirus + Misc.