1. frogboy

    Security Alert Apple patches drive-by Wi-Fi flaw with emergency iOS patch

    Less than a week after Apple pushed out iOS 10.3 comes an iOS emergency patch that all iDevice owners should implement as soon a possible. The security note accompanying iOS 10.3.1 says simply that the fixed problem is a stack buffer overflow vulnerability that was addressed through improved...
  2. Atatrah

    What is your Favorite Mobile Brand in 2017?

    In 2015 , I asked this Question : What is your favorite mobile brand ? Today, I want to know what is your answer in 2017? Why ?
  3. Winter Soldier

    Hacking Alert ESET antivirus cracks opens Apple Macs to remote root execution via man-in-middle diddle

    Bored hacker looking for fun? We couldn't possibly suggest you attack the latest vulnerability in ESET's antivirus software, because it's too basic to offer any challenge at all. As outlined in this advisory today, all you need to get root-level remote code execution on a Mac is to intercept...
  4. Spawn

    Help Me Decide Apple vs Google : iCloud Keychain vs Smart Lock for Passwords and Apps

    Smart Lock for Passwords by Google - https://get.google.com/smartlock/ Google Smart Lock FAQ You can sign in with your saved passwords on different devices using Smart Lock for Passwords. Smart Lock syncs your passwords to your Google Account when you're signed in on Chrome or on your Android...
  5. ttto

    iOS update version 10.0.2

    Hi! Recently, Apple release a new little update for iOS: OS 10.0.2 fixes bugs and improves the stability of your iPhone or iPad. This update: Addresses an issue that could prevent headphone audio controls from temporarily not working Resolves an issue that caused Photos to quit for some...
  6. BoraMurdar

    Apple Meet the iPhone 7

    Apple has officially announced the iPhone 7 today. The new iPhone features a design that's very similar to last year's iPhone 6S (and the year prior's iPhone 6), with a rounded aluminum body. But what's entirely new is the phone's water resistance, which means you can get the iPhone 7 wet...
  7. Andra Zaharia

    The Cost of Using Zero-Days

    I enjoyed reading the story of how last week's Apple Zero Day was captured, reported and fixed. The article also includes some details on what it means to exploit Zero Days, which I found equally useful.
  8. Logethica

    Which OS do you use? Windows / Linux / Apple

    Linux rules the world. Where to next?; SOURCE: zdnet.com (ARTICLE DATE: 23rd Aug 2016) At LinuxCon, Jim Zemlin, the Linux Foundation's executive director, said "Linux has gone far beyond what anyone could have expected" and that it's been the "most successful software project in history." He's...
  9. Logethica

    Apple iOS Google Duo: Video Chat App on Android & iOS

    Google Releases Duo Video Chat App: SOURCE: pcmag.com Google Duo, a one-to-one video calling app similar to FaceTime, launched today on iOS and Android.. "Duo takes the complexity out of video calling, so that you can be together in the moment wherever you are," software engineer Justin...
  10. Logethica

    Apple's Bug-Bounty "Outbid" by Exodus Intelligence

    Exploit broker steals Apple thunder, offers $500,000 for iOS zero days: SOURCE: zdnet.com (ARTICLE DATE: 11th Aug 2016) It was only last week that Apple finally launched a bug bounty program, but it did not take long for exploit peddlers to outbid the tech giant... Apple is offering security...
  11. Logethica

    Apple offers up to $200K in its first Bug Bounty Program

    Starting this fall, Apple will pay up to $200,000 for iOS and iCloud bugs As part of a security presentation given at this year's Black Hat conference, Apple today announced that it would be starting up a bug bounty program in the fall. The program will reward security researchers who uncover...
  12. viktik

    There's a major security flaw in Apple's iOS - update your iPhone now to protect yourself

    If you haven't done so since Monday, it's a good idea to update your iPhone right now. A bug that was found by Cisco on Tuesday and first reported by MacWorld could let hackers roam freely into your iPhone, giving them access to pretty much anything in its storage, with a simple text message...
  13. Noxx

    Help Me Decide Android vs. iOS

    Unfortunately, after many, many years, my iPhone is on its way out. It's extremely slow, I barely have any apps on it, all my photos / videos have been uploaded to an external drive, I've tried to resetting to factory defaults, nothing works. As much as I do NOT want to buy a new phone, I'm...
  14. Spawn

    Thoman Ross sues Apple $10 billion, claims he invented iPhone

    Man who claims he invented iPhone in 1992 sues Apple for $10bn "A Florida man has accused Apple of infringing a 1992 patent on an “electronic reading device” that, in our view, looks nothing like the iPhone. He’s asking for $10 billion in damages. No, this isn’t an article from The Onion. It’s...
  15. frogboy

    Security Alert SandJacking Attack Can Replace iOS Apps with Malicious Versions

    Apple has yet to fix a vulnerability which could allow attackers to replace regular apps with rogue versions without the user’s knowledge. Chilik Tamir from security vendor Mi3 Security disclosed the bug at the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam last week and has been told by Cupertino...
  16. M

    Apple agrees to analyze contents of iPhone found in boat of missing teens

    An iPhone 6 is at the center of an investigation of two missing Florida teens. Last July, 14-year-olds Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen set out on a boat trip in the Atlantic Ocean, but both of the bodies went missing and boys never returned. The United States Coast Guard performed an eight-day...
  17. Spawn

    One Ecosystem

    Welcome to the One Ecosystem. For this thread I want you to explore the possible options listed below, that theoretically you will be using for the next 5 years. The Contenders: Apple Mac OS X iOS (iPhone and iPad Pro) + iWatch Apple TV + Apple Music + iTunes Safari (browser) Pages...
  18. kev216

    Flaw in iMessage encryption revealed by researchers

    Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have cracked the encryption on Apple’s iMessage service, proving that a skilled attacker is capable of reading messages sent between iPads, iPhones and Macs despite the security measures protecting the devices. The attack relies on a flaw in iMessage...
  19. frogboy

    IT Pros Overwhelmingly in Support of Apple Vs FBI

    New research has highlighted a huge divide between the views of IT professionals and ordinary voters on government surveillance and strong encryption – with just one third of IT pros believing their government should be able to monitor mass communications for national security purposes...