1. S

    Mozilla Impact of Artificial Intelligence on society, a $255k reward

    Mozilla wants to reward creative artists and researchers for digging into the topic, offering a total of $225,000 to seven lucky applicants. Mozilla Blog: Mozilla Announces $225,000 for Art and Advocacy Exploring Artificial Intelligence – The Mozilla Blog
  2. Andy Ful

    Q&A Do you really understand AV test results?

    Many people think so. I have also thought, that it is a simple thing to understand. But ..., I was wrong. I realized, that it is possible that AV with a lower detection result (static + dynamic), can give a better protection than another AV with a higher detection result. It sounds like a kind...
  3. Elpibe

    Re:Scam an AI bot that wastes a scammer's time

  4. upnorth

    Dangerous Choices

    Quote : " Automation and artificial intelligence are already replacing human judgement. By using smart devices, we give more and more power to artificial intelligence -- and it will soon make dangerous choices. "