1. Arin

    Q&A Best pendrive protection for pc

    I use kaspersky internet security but it does not protect my pendrive. Today I saw something called "newfolder.exe" was automatically creating folders and subfolders flawlessly but kaspersky did nothing. Actually kaspersky couldn't prevent. Also detected "autorun.inf" and asked me to do a...
  2. A

    Q&A Where would the point of infection be?

    I've been given permission to setup the security for my grandmother's new laptop and I had a question about how malware could infect her system: If I were to have Avast running in aggressive hardened mode (basic anti-exe but it's got a big whitelist and requires little user interaction) and I...
  3. Hadden

    Windows 10 Best way to apply registry/batch tweaks

    I've some .reg and .bat I'd like to execute every time I logon/logoff. Expecially regs, are "removed" after a win update. What's the best way to do that? If It doesn't show any shell window is even better.
  4. TheBlue262

    Troubleshoot All usb ports not working

    My mouse and keyboard are both not working and I'm almost positive it is because of corrupt drivers. I saw explanation marks next to the usb drivers, but I decided to restart my computer first and now I can't use the mouse or keyboard. I tried other usb ports and other keyboards but none of them...