1. a1nn

    AV-Test Windows 10 Home User - April 2019

    Full report: Test antivirus software for Windows 10 - April 2019
  2. CyberTech

    Discuss Best Windows 10 Security Products to Clean an Infected Computer

    While most of us run antivirus solutions to prevent malware infections, there are times when such products are necessary in order to remove a virus that has already reached our data. Research conducted by AV-TEST thus tries to determine which security tools we should use in case we just want to...
  3. mekelek

    January 2018 Android AV-Test is out

    https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/mobile-devices/ Norton, GData, Trend Micro, Sophos, Alibaba, AVL, PSafe, Tencent on 100% that I checked Google Play Protect poorly scoring as usual. Bitdefender, Kaspersky between 99% and 100% as usual Anyone know where to grab Alibaba's AV?
  4. Parsh

    AV-TEST Self-Protection report (April '17)

    A new report from AV-TEST on self-protection of a large number of security software, both Consumer and Endpoint protection suites is out! The test examined how well they deploy protection technologies such as ASLR & DEP, as usual. A short introduction to ASLR and DEP for readers who are not...
  5. K

    Help Me Decide Which shoud I trust, AV-Comparatives or AV-TEST? And should I use Browsing Protection?

    Hello all members! Thank you for your access here. Just a moment, would you use your time a little for solving my question? There are some famous test for resarch of ability to protect devices by anti-malware softwares. For example, AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives are the most famous test of the...
  6. D

    Malware Hub Report AV-C Malware Protection Test - March 2017

    Chart Test details: Pdf Link : https://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/avc_mpt_201703_en.pdf Offline/Online comparison (this part is interesting) Windows Defender keep getting better scores (here and in other tests) with 0 False positives. Of course, this test is...
  7. M

    Here's why i strongly disagree with the latest AV-Test results

    So as many of you, i tend to disagree with some professional antivirus testing such as AV-Test or AV-Comparatives. I might find that a security product is over rated or disagree with how the tests are made. For instance, Emsisoft happens to be among the last on AV-Comparatives quite often...
  8. D

    Cylance Commissioned Test with AV-Test

    Please keep it mind it is a commissioned test (aka made in concert with Cylance). There the Answered of the other vendors used for this test (which din't even know they were involved) Vendors respond to Cylance's new testing methods with AV-TEST Please note that Cylance is based on the "AI"...
  9. D

    The best antivirus software for Android - July 2016 (AV-Test)

  10. Petrovic

    AV-TEST:The best antivirus software for Windows 10 (Home User) April 2016

    Avira Antivirus Pro 2016 Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Symantec Norton Security 2016 Trend Micro Internet Security 2016 Full Article
  11. Petrovic

    AV-TEST AWARD 2015

    On February 17, 2016, for the fifth year in succession, the AV-TEST Institute is awarding the AV-TEST AWARDs to manufacturers with outstanding IT protection solutions in the year 2015. The coveted awards are presented in the categories of PROTECTION, PERFORMANCE (speed), USABILITY, REPAIR and...