1. K

    Help Me Decide "Avast Free 2017 with aggressive setting" vs "F-secure SAFE 2017"

    Good evening everyone! Thank you for your access to here and reading my post. Tonight, I want to ask you that how much the Avast Free Antivirus reaches some solid anti-malware software, which are the paid version. Now I am using F-secure SAFE as Trial license on desktop PC, which is one of the...
  2. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New beta 17.5.2295

    Hi everyone, new beta version 17.5.2295 is here . This is more service release. Internally, we did major change in our internal infrastructure which should improve release and development process. Under the hood there are fixes of: - crashes in installer during VPS update - update GUI...
  3. Captain Awesome

    Avast joins No More Ransom project as associate partner

    Avast joins No More Ransom as an associate partner to help ransomware victims decrypt their files. Read more:https://blog.avast.com/avast-joins-no-more-ransom-project-as-associate-partner
  4. S

    Update Avast 17.3.x Beta released

    Avast dropped a new beta build v17.3.2289. Changes: Issue with playing HTML5 videos in the SafeZone browser Improved compatibility with Windows 10 Creators Update Fixed issue with disabling components, which require restart Avast account login is back on the dashboard Fixed time and formatting...
  5. Dima007

    On Sale! avast internet security 2017-2018 2 yr global license key for 3 pc’s $39.99

    Huge discount on 2 yr of avast internet security 2017-2018 for 3 pc’s at Anti-virus4u.com only $39.99 Avast Internet Security 2017,2018 for 2 Years 3 PC’s 70% Off
  6. K

    Help Me Decide Avast Free 2017 vs F-secure SAFE vs Bitdefender Total Security 2017

    Good evening everyone. Thanks for your access to this thread. I hope you to read and answer for this question. I want to ask everyone that which software should I use for keeping security of my PC. Now I am using Bitdefender Total Security 2017 as main anti-malware soft on my main desktop PC...
  7. Varok

    Game Mode not working

    avast game mode is not compatible with other games