1. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast new beta version 19.6.2379 (build 19.6.4483)

    New beta version 19.6.2379 Hi everyone, new beta version 19.6.2379 (build 19.6.4483) is released. What's new A smarter Smart Scan - We’ve redesigned our Smart Scan to be better than ever Improved performance - several performance optimizations to lower the disk and CPU usage during...
  2. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New beta version 19.5.2376

    New beta version 19.5.2376 Hi everyone, new beta version 19.5.2376 (build 19.5.4407) is released. What was fixed - Fixed freeze of UI when Wifi Inspector scan is running - Potential BSOD caused by Behavior Shield - many other crashes and BSODs Known issues - Detection dialogs are opened in...
  3. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New Beta Version: 19.5.2375

    New beta version 19.5.2375 Hi everyone, new beta version 19.5.2375 (build 19.5.4365) is released. What was fixed - DnD mode will not spam, that new app was added, every time Opera is updated - Licenses - Fixed creating/extending of Free licenses before their expiration date Known issues -...
  4. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New Beta version 19.3.2366(build 19.3.4231)

    Hi everyone, new beta version 19.3.2366 (build 19.3.4231) is released. What was fixed AV installed in passive mode on W10 if OS was in Russian localization "White UI" issue Download links: http://public.avast.com/mkt/betaav/avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe...
  5. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New Beta version 18.6.2345

    Hi everyone, new beta version 18.6.2345 (build 18.6.3952) is released. New Features DND mode - app detection based on internal DB is active after app goes to fullscreen Improved compatibility between Do not Disturb mode and the MS Windows Notification Center (MS Windows 10) What was fixed...
  6. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast NEW Beta 18.2.2328

    Update: - beta version 18.2.2328 released Fixed - Fixed problems with rescue disk creation - Fixed crashes reported by users
  7. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New Beta version 17.7.2312

    Hi everyone, new beta version 17.7.2312 (build 17.7.3636.0) is released. What's new: You can add Real site exclusions to Webshield exclusions in following form: dns://donotfilter.mydomain.com Known issues: Sensitive Data Shield (remains the same as in 17.7 BETA1) When protected documents...
  8. Captain Awesome

    Update New Avast Beta version 17.7.2311

    Hi everyone, new beta version 17.7.2311 (build 17.7.3631.0) is released. What's new: SafeZone Browser is not installed with clean AV installation anymore (Avast FAQ | Avast Antivirus: SafeZone Browser - FAQs) Several bug-fixes Known issues: Setup: Cleanup component cannot be uninstalled via...
  9. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New Beta version 17.6.2308

    Hi everyone, new beta version 17.6.2308 is released. What's new - Anti-phishing in Web Shield - Web Shield now blocks Phishing sites even without the browser plugin Avast Online Security installed in the browser - New Cleanup Premium - Cleanup is now standalone application, in beta you can use...
  10. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New Beta version 17.6.2306

    Hi everyone, new beta version 17.6.2306 is released. What's new/fixed: New dialogs for malware detections Offline installation of Avast works without network Loading of some websites no longer blocked by Web Shield Known issues: Behavior shield detection dialog not updated Download...
  11. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast Beta 17.5.2299

    Hi everyone, new beta version 17.5.2299 is released. What's new: - New Antiransomware feature is now available also for Avast Beta (in IS and Premier editions). - Change in the driver verification process. Please report any issues on secure-boot enabled devices. Especially default...
  12. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast New Beta 17.5.2297

    Hi everyone, new beta version 17.5.2297 is released. What's new: New Firewall profile selection toaster instead of dialog (when connecting to a new network) New toasters (in CEF) for scan, game mode, secure line Notification counter in tray icon Redesigned notification/problem center and...
  13. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast new beta 17.5.2296

    [fixed in 17.5.2296] due to changes in driver signing, this beta may fail to install/run on new Windows 10 x64 devices with enabled secure boot.
  14. Sunshine-boy

    Update Avast Beta 17.4.2293

    Hi everyone, after 2 weeks a new beta version 17.4.2293 is here. What's new: fix of crashing installer during VPS update samples detected by File System Shield are now correctly moved to quarantine firewall profile is correctly recognised also when you connect via different adapters fixed...
  15. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast Beta 17.4.2292 released

    Hi all, we are introducing new beta version 17.4.2292: What's new: - updated GUI framework CEF to the latest version This is a huge change with impact on a whole product. Please watch any UI crashes or not working pages. - offline installation on Win XP without internet connection crashes...
  16. S

    Update Avast Beta Testers: Changes to Licensing

    Changes to licensing and subscriptions for Beta testers; As we are talking about licensing and subscription, possible issues may impact mainly the product edition, its expiration day and installed components. Our goal for this BETA regarding licensing is to enable the Alpha backend against...
  17. S

    Update Avast 17.3.x Beta released

    Avast dropped a new beta build v17.3.2289. Changes: Issue with playing HTML5 videos in the SafeZone browser Improved compatibility with Windows 10 Creators Update Fixed issue with disabling components, which require restart Avast account login is back on the dashboard Fixed time and formatting...
  18. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast Beta 17.2.2287

    Hello everyone, This beta 17.2.2287 contains bug fixes that appeared in the previous release. You can expect public release soon. FIXED: - white UI after update - unusable PC after update(mostly Windows Vista) - conflict of Behavioral shield and Comodo Firewall - AOS and SP extnensions are...
  19. Captain Awesome

    Update Avast Beta 17.1.2286

    Hi all testers, thank you for your feedback from the last beta build! We fixed a few bugs and this is the last beta refresh before the final release. It is the release candidate. What's new: - Fixed boot time scan UI flow - Fixed Rescue disk issues on Windows 8 and higher - Component...
  20. safe1st

    Video Avast Free Antivirus 12.4 BETA prevention and detection Test

    Hope you all enjoyed the video Thanks for watching :)