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    Q&A Is Avast 2019 Annoying?

    Source: Avast Free Antivirus review: Capable but annoying "The catch with Avast has always been the relentless upsell. Happily, the annoying adverts that used to pop up every time the software updated itself are now gone. Indeed, the whole interface is much more straightforward than it used to...
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    Piriform kidnapped: Avast Forcing CCleaner to Recommend Avast Free Antivirus

    A play with the title, Piriform kidnapped: Avast Forcing CCleaner to Recommend Avast Free Antivirus > CCleaner Forced by Avast to Push their Antivirus > CCleaner introduces deceptive methods to get users to install Avast Saw this originally on Went ahead and downloaded CCleaner (standard...
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    Q&A Does Game Mode hide Pop-up Offers in Avast Free Antivirus?

    Users of Avast Free Antivirus. In the Settings under Popups, you do not get to uncheck this option. Show popup offers for other Avast products: sends notifications about others ways you can improve your protection. You can disable this option only if you use a paid version of Avast Antivirus...
  4. Der.Reisende

    Video Avast Free Antivirus vs. Ransomware (TSPC)

    Thank you @ Leo from TPSC for this very nice review! EDIT: Note that the test only shows Behavior Blocker (IDP) capabilities, all other protection mechanisms were turned off.
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    Q&A Where would the point of infection be?

    I've been given permission to setup the security for my grandmother's new laptop and I had a question about how malware could infect her system: If I were to have Avast running in aggressive hardened mode (basic anti-exe but it's got a big whitelist and requires little user interaction) and I...
  6. Der.Reisende

    Video Avast Free Antivirus v2017 - TPSC Review

    Thank you Leo from TPSC for doing this review.
  7. safe1st

    Video Avast Free Antivirus 12.4 BETA prevention and detection Test

    Hope you all enjoyed the video Thanks for watching :)
  8. K

    Help Me Decide EMET or MBAE with Avast Free Antivirus or Bitdefender Internet Security

    First, thank you for your reading. I want to ask you about the better setting for building secure PC on Windows 10 as a consumer. I am using Bitdefender Total Security 2017 as the main anti-malware software and firewall software on my PC. It looks good. But at sometimes, Bitdefender is heavy a...
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    Q&A Upgrade Protection Notifcations in Avast Free?

    Recently after I downloaded a OneClickFirewall, and it became my FIRST virus alert on this PC. Since then I started receiving these notifications, but as I understand these cannot be disabled (turned off) for Avast Free Antivirus - only paid. Yes, they can be closed. Now my question is, Do...
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    Q&A Avast SafeZone and Pay Mode? (Update: Bank Mode)

    I recently posted about this on AVAST Forums and would appreciate any input from the people here, on our forum. What are your thoughts about AVAST SafeZone and Pay Mode in AVAST Free Antivirus (latest version)? To consider: SafeZone is now free SafeZone is based on Chromium builds SafeZone...
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    How is Avast Free on Windows 10 working for you?

    Latest Avast Free Windows 10 64 TaskManager - Startup - Startup Impact shows "High". Do you see the same on your system?