1. U

    Help Me Decide Difference between Kaspersky Free AV and Security Cloud Free or renew Avast Free AV?

    My avast licence will expire in 4 days. Now I am looking for a free security solution. Kaspersky free and kaspersky free security cloud what is difference? Should I continue with avast free antivirus?
  2. Feliks Zemdegs

    Troubleshoot AV software causes black screen and slow boot (my experience)

    Hello everyone! There’s a lot threads about the comparison between free AV software. Here is my problem and my suggestion. I used Avast about 5 yeas ago, since I had a really slow laptop until 6 months ago on a faster computer (My PC is Asus K55A, i5 3230M with 8 GB RAM, HDD). All the time I...
  3. T

    Compare Protection Avast Premier vs Comodo Firewall + Avast free

    Hi A friend gives me an Avast Premium license for 8 months. I am using a free combo with Comodo Firewall (Cruelsister settings) and Avast (Jack settings) and I have doubts about which option protects me better. I don´t know the quality of the Avast firewall, I also don´t know the level of its...
  4. anoukq

    Help Me Decide "Lightest-weight" free real time AV? (Top contenders: Avira, Bitdefender, or pay for Webroot?)

    I have a fairly old, slow computer (albeit souped up a bit with a 1 TB Barracuda SSHD): a Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241, 8GB RAM, i5-5500u, and am running Windows 10 Home x64, everything current/updated. I use Chrome and/or Vivaldi as my browser, if that makes a difference. I've been using Avast...
  5. S

    Free Download from Avast.com - How much crap gets installed?

    Disclaimer (revised): I'm "acting" as my own new-average PC user who wants Free Security for my Windows 10 PC, and by visiting these sites I will click on the buttons that I think I will need for Free security. In some cases Free Trials, Bundleware (Crapware) may be installed Custom Install...
  6. safe1st

    Video Avast Free Antivirus Hardened Mode Prevention and Detection Test

    Hope you all enjoyed the test :) Thanks for watching