1. S

    Discuss "Avast Internet Security is a 'must-have' for Online PC Gamers"

    Do you agree? Read: Avast Internet Security is the best antivirus program for online gamers
  2. J

    Help Me Decide Looking for an alternative to G-DATA?

    Hello! I currently have G-DATA Internet Security, both of my parents are on my plan for a grand total of 3 devices. Ever since I first installed G-DATA, I've had nothing but problems with it on all the devices and their customer support is particularly crap. I'm looking at AVAST Internet...
  3. Dima007

    On Sale! avast internet security 2017-2018 2 yr global license key for 3 pc’s $39.99

    Huge discount on 2 yr of avast internet security 2017-2018 for 3 pc’s at Anti-virus4u.com only $39.99 Avast Internet Security 2017,2018 for 2 Years 3 PC’s 70% Off
  4. S

    Help Me Decide Avast Internet Security vs Norton Security Premium

    Hi my friends :) I currently have a Norton license for 10 months, but we have the Avast promo, which I see greatly improved recently and I have doubts about which is better protection for normal use, since in this partition I do not run malware. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Faybert

    Help Me Decide Avast Internet Security or F-Secure Safe?

    Eu quero saber seus pensamentos e experiência sobre estes 2 produtos que eu estou pensando em comprar, obrigado antecipadamente pela ajuda :)
  6. safe1st

    Video Avast Internet Security 2016 (tweaked settings) Prevention and Detection Test

    Hope you enjoy with this test, my first test after 4 and half months not doing any tests. Have a good day!
  7. safe1st

    Video Avast Internet Security 2016 (Tweaked Settings) Prevention and Detection Test (safe1st)

    Thank you and have a good weekend everyone! :D
  8. D

    High security settings for avast! without impacting performance

    Hello everyone here's the settings I use to be very secure BUT keeping performance impact to a minimum :) I am unsure of what to set on the web shield main page, any opinions? Thank you in advance! Hope this helps, have a good day! Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year...
  9. S

    Promotional Get Avast Internet Security for FREE

    Recommend to get Avast Internet Security for FREE MalwareTips.com does not allow Referral URLs to be posted on the boards. What You Need To Do: 1. Log in to your Avast Account (Avast account). Or Create a new one with Facebook, Google or Email. 2. Go your REWARDS and look for RECOMMEND AVAST...