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    Avast Passwords for macOS - beta released

    Features of Avast Passwords Manager - Free Password Manager | Safe Password Keeper | Avast Download for macOS (OS): Passwords | Get Safer with Strong Passwords | Avast Download for Safari (Extension): Apple - Safari - Safari Extensions Gallery How It Works and Your Privacy - PDF Link
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    Avast "Password Guardian" UI Suggestion

    Password Guardian is a Premium feature of Avast Passwords. It checks to see if any of your passwords have been leaked. Find out more: Passwords | Get Safer with Strong Passwords | Avast Current In avast! 12.2.x the current window appears in the middle of the screen. My UI Suggestion To...
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    Update Avast Passwords v1.3.1 for Android

    What's New in 1.3.1 Added couple of new languages (Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese(Brazil)) Autofill improvements. Tablets now support landscape mode. Added new rating dialog. Various little improvements and bug fixes Be aware that Avast Passwords Manager (requires...
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    Avast Passwords Manager (requires Avast Antivirus)

    About AVAST Passwords: Passwords | Get Safer with Strong Passwords | Avast FAQ: Avast FAQ | Avast 2016: Passwords - FAQ Download for Google Chrome: Avast Passwords IMPORTANT: This extension requires Avast Antivirus for Windows. You can download the Avast Antivirus at Avast | Download Free...