1. harlan4096

    Malware Hub Report Avira ISS - October 2019 Report

    Avira ISS - October 2019 Report __ C: Clean / P: Protected / P - NC: Protected - Not Clean / I: Infected / E: Encrypted * Dynamic BB Bonus Test (Resident Protection Disabled) * Partially Blocked * BSR: Before System Reboot * ASR: After System Reboot October 2019 Samples Pack Static...
  2. S

    Update Avira Home Guard for Android

    Homepage: Avira Home Guard IoT security | Avira Home Guard Get app: Avira Home Guard - Apps on Google Play The Avira Home Guard app provides the following capabilities to users: Scanning the home network - automatically discovers the connected network, and then identifies everything on it...
  3. Dima007

    On Sale! New Year clearance sale Bitdefender Avira AVG Avast Kaspersky BullGuard Norton ESET up to 80% Off at Anti-Virus4U

    New Year clearance sale Bitdefender Avira AVG Avast Kaspersky BullGuard Norton ESET at Anti-Virus4U Antivirus Special Offers, Norton, BitDefender, ESET , VIPRE, AVG
  4. Mariihh

    Update Avira launches Avira Antivirus Pro 2019

    Avira Internet Security Suite 2019, Avira Prime 2019 and Avira Free Antivirus 2019 are also available. Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 According to the company, Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 offers features such as: Real-time threat blocking and file repair Detects and removes all malware, including...
  5. Mariihh

    Help Me Decide Avira Pro or Norton?

    Hello everyone, I am in doubt between two antivirus, Avira Pro or Norton, I usually do bank transactions over the internet and etc, I looked at some tests and noticed that both have good scores, which is the experience of yours that is better than mine , what license should I buy? Thank you :giggle:
  6. BoraMurdar

    Screenshots Avira Free Antivirus (2018) - Product Screenshots

    Below we've added high definition screenshots for Avira Free Antivirus (2018). The screenshots cover the most parts of the product. For questions and discussions visit our dedicated Avira forum. INSTALLATION MAIN INTERFACE SCAN SECTION MODULES SETTINGS OPTIONAL INSTALLATIONS...
  7. CMLew

    On Sale! 50% OFF Avira

  8. T

    Security bug in Avast Free, AVG Free etc....?

    I did an EICAR test called "drive-by download" on this webpage AMTSO (the second one); Avast Free, AVG Free and Avira Free didn't pass it on my virtual machine. The only antivirus that passed it was Kaspersky Free. Is it normal? Is it a security bug?
  9. J

    Video Avira Antivirus Free 2017 - Video Review (Test)

    Product tested: Avira Antivirus Free 2017 Thanks for watching! ;)
  10. pablozi

    Avira and Adguard are joining forces for safer Web

    Ads are getting more and more dangerous, warns an antivirus and integrates Adguard Avira, a popular European antivirus, has become a partner of Adguard and added the ad blocking feature based on our technology and filters to their browser extensions. The developers have made this decision after...
  11. rockstarrocks

    Avira Browser safety with Adblocker

    The Avira Browser safety is getting a new feature – an ad blocker. The Adblocker will be integrated into our Avira Browser Safety and its usage is very straightforward. For now, the test will run on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome only.
  12. anoukq

    Help Me Decide "Lightest-weight" free real time AV? (Top contenders: Avira, Bitdefender, or pay for Webroot?)

    I have a fairly old, slow computer (albeit souped up a bit with a 1 TB Barracuda SSHD): a Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241, 8GB RAM, i5-5500u, and am running Windows 10 Home x64, everything current/updated. I use Chrome and/or Vivaldi as my browser, if that makes a difference. I've been using Avast...
  13. S

    Avira Product Lifecycle - End of Windows 7 support?

    Avira products are developed and maintained with a long-term view. This approach provides our business customers with the security they need to make investments and for planning. Does this mean Windows 7 users (home and business) have until January 2018 to use Avira software? See table here.
  14. J

    Q&A Avira flags IObit PUA to Trojan Issue

    Now that Avira has re-classified IOBit related files as Trojans, how do I suspend or stop Avira’s constant nag popups related to Avira’s IOBit reclassifications? If I completely uninstall all the IOBit related applications and files from my PC and connected exterior storage devices, will that...
  15. M

    Video Avira Free Review

    Hi all, Avira Free has been highly requested so here it is: Thanks for watching, more videos coming this weekend!
  16. D

    Avira Scout: the browser for your online security & privacy

    Article : Avira Scout: the browser for your online security & privacy - Avira Blog Product: Avira Scout - Security and privacy made simple Some explanations & tips : UPDATE: Avira Scout/Chromium: Tips and Tricks - Avira Blog Good Browser to install for beginners.