1. Dima007

    On Sale! Avira Optimization Suite 2017 1 User $24.99

    Avira Optimization Suite 2017 for 1 User $24.99 Avira Optimization Suite 2017 - 1 PC / 1 Year - Best Price $24.99
  2. safe1st

    Video AVG vs Avast vs Avira vs Windows Defender detection ratio Test

    Hope you all enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching :)
  3. R

    Odd thing about Free Antiviruses

    I have used free applications for years now. Few observations : Avast is the most common name around. I personally like it's interface and free utilities. But time and again, I have seen it fail an average user like me. I installed it a few months ago, replacing 360, and it immediately found...
  4. M

    Video Avira Browser Safety Test

    Hi everyone, this is my URL test for the Avira Browser Safety extension :) If you are interested in the extension then a link is listed below: Link to extension: Avira Browser Safety - Free security add-on with anti tracking
  5. safe1st

    Video Windows Defender vs Comodo vs Avast vs Avira Detection Test

    Hope you all enjoyed the video! thanks for watching
  6. U

    How Good is Avira Pro?

    Hi, So, I need to protect my computer, had no luck with ESET not working and Panda causing BSOD's, so I'm now evaluating other options for a comprehensive protection (antivirus, antimalware, would be nice to protect banking, web browser and have a firewall) that I have offers to get quite cheap...
  7. safe1st

    Video Avira Free Antivirus Prevention and Detection Test

    Hope you all enjoy the test Thanks for watching! :)
  8. Spawn

    Avira's Bug Hunting Season Open to Public

    Avira Blog Update: Bounty time for bugs at Avira - Avira Blog Successful bug hunters can earn up to $2,500 for uncovering issues in Avira Free Antivirus and Avira Launcher Windows from the PC client side of the application. Notices about the expanded bug season have been posted in Facebook...
  9. Dima007

    On Sale! Free Heimdal PRO for 1 Year if you buy F-Secure, Norton, Avira or ESET

    Heimdal PRO Discount and Deals at Anti-virus4u buy Internet Security and get Free Heimdal PRO for 1 Year Heimdal PRO works seamlessly along with any antivirus or internet security Heimdal PRO Discount and Deals
  10. P

    Help Me Decide Avast Free Antivirus 2016 vs Avira Free Antivirus 2016

    I've tried many free antivirus over the years, but these two have always consistently been the ones I liked the most. After some issues with Windows 10 last year, I had to briefly switch to Avira but after the issues were fixed I got back to Avast because it was the one I had learned to rely...
  11. Hangtooth

    Like what I see so far - do I need MBAM Realtime as well?

    Hi, I am currently testing Avira Antivirus. Installed the free version last night, and liked it enough to join the Avira beta test this morning and am now running Avira Antivirus Pro (beta) with a 3 month beta license. My question is, should I run Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro alongside Avira...
  12. Jack

    Avira turns tables to launch lawsuit against ‘crapware’ slinger

    Avira, which re-affirmed its right to classify Freemium.com as a nuisance back in June, has launched a legal offensive against the controversial app. The security software firm's filing concerns Freemium.com's alleged practice of “confusing users into installing unwanted programs that can...
  13. Dima007

    Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Lifetime License key $39.99

    Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Lifetime License key $39.99 LIMITED TIME OFFER Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Lifetime License
  14. Spawn

    Avira SafeApps BETA - PUP/PUA-free Windows software Downloads (Discontinued)

    SAFEAPPS BY AVIRA - https://safeapps.avira.com/en/ As posted here (Avira Browser Safety BETA for Chrome, Firefox, Opera) as of v.1.5.0 of the Avira Browser Safety (BETA) now includes PUA Protection. Download sites that contain Potentially Unwanted Applications are flagged by ABS v1.5 and...
  15. Petrovic

    Update Avira Beta build: (Update 14)

    Changelog (Update 11.1) Reduced update download volume for Avira Free Antivirus Bugfixes: The module AVGNT.EXE occurs occasionally an exception on Tablet PCs with a Windows 7 operating system (“Bad Image Problem”) The System Scanner crashes when deleting files from the protected...
  16. kev216

    Avira Scout 'Early Access' release

    Avira offers more than just an anti-virus (AV). Features that go beyond AV got integrated years ago (does anyone of you remember specific anti-spyware programs ?). I prefer to define what we offer as an add-on-security solution … AV is shorter, but also less correct. Nonetheless shorter won...
  17. M

    Avira Software Updater

    Hey, we are about to start a new beta project which might be interesting for you as well: Avira Software Updater beta https://betacenter.avira.com/callout/?callid=A8EE28AE268940B683B60DC94982CED4 Found on Wilders Security Forum on page 142...