1. kev216

    Avira Scout 'Early Access' release

    Avira offers more than just an anti-virus (AV). Features that go beyond AV got integrated years ago (does anyone of you remember specific anti-spyware programs ?). I prefer to define what we offer as an add-on-security solution … AV is shorter, but also less correct. Nonetheless shorter won...
  2. M

    Avira Software Updater

    Hey, we are about to start a new beta project which might be interesting for you as well: Avira Software Updater beta https://betacenter.avira.com/callout/?callid=A8EE28AE268940B683B60DC94982CED4 Found on Wilders Security Forum on page 142...
  3. S

    Avira reveals stand-alone Avira PC Cleaner

    EU-Cleaner has been released for EU, languages include; German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. If you're a BETA tester, you'll receive this via Email with Downloads links. http://ulqa.ftp.avira.com/public/eu-cleaner/eucleaner_Flyer_EN_WEB_20130814.pdf