1. conceptualclarity

    Expired EaseUS Todo Backup Home 9.0 End of 2015 Giveaway

    Above excerpted from Simple and affordable file backup software for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/vista - EaseUS Todo Backup Home Promo link: EaseUS Giveaway Campaigns
  2. conceptualclarity

    Amazon Cloud Drive and Zoolz Cold Storage: have experience with either or both?

    Both are on sale now. Any information, such as ease of usage, is welcome. Zoolz is from the same company as Genie Timeline. Can you keep system images on these services? Any alternative suggestions for cloud storage and/or software for managing cloud storage are welcome.
  3. Willim

    iMyfone Umate Free Released

    Not only frees your iOS devices from tons of junk files, iMyfone Umate Free also saves important data for you. The User Storage Files will be backed up to your computer before cleaning. Besides, as for those flies will be of use, iMyfone Umate allows you uncheck them to omit cleaning. Back up...
  4. Online_Sword

    Help Me Decide Backup software comparisons

    I find that both AOMEI Backuper and Macrium Reflects are frequently recommended in the security config sub-forum, which makes me curious about these two backup softwares. I have not used any of them, so, I create this war thread to learn some differences between them, especially the advantages...
  5. D

    Q&A Best Free and Online Backup Software

    Hello everyone, what is the best free and safe online backup solution? Thank you in advance :) Regards, AMR
  6. Secondmineboy

    Avast Backup for Android removed from Play Store

    Source: Unable to download Mobile Backup Hi, we decided to remove Mobile Backup & Restore app from Google Play Store due to the change in our mobile strategy. However the app can still be downloaded directly from this link: http://apk.ff.avast.com/AvastBackup.apk. Note that it works correctly...