1. jackuars

    Help Me Decide Free Antivirus of the Year 2018 - Nominate

    This thread is now closed. Please vote for your favorite product at Free Antivirus of the Year 2018 - Poll Hello and we are back for 2018 :) 2015 Winner - Qihoo Total Security 2017 Winner - Avast Free Antivirus 2018 Winner - ?????? Last year Avast won the nominations & the final round. This...
  2. jackuars

    Help Me Decide Freeware Antivirus 2017 - [MT Users choice]

    I have excluded Windows Defender because it's baseline protection and only 3rd party antiviruses are included here. If your primary antivirus isn't included in the poll, mention it in the comments section. *Please comment on why the antivirus is your personal choice for freeware protection, so...
  3. Thirio

    Compare Protection Strong Web Filter: Avira Free vs Sophos Home vs Bitdefender Free?

    Hi guys first time posting here appreciate the forum it taught me a lot about cyber security. My question today is out of these 3 products which offers the better protection (in your opinion?). Having a strong web filter and file detection is important to me. Also taking into consideration which...
  4. TomJR76

    Hey everybody!!!!!! I am a newcomer to this forum!!!!

  5. jackuars

    Help Me Decide Free Antivirus of the Year 2015 [POLL]

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the Winners for the Best Free Antivirus of the Year 2015 are 1. Qihoo 360 Total Security (33.33%) 2...
  6. jackuars

    Help Me Decide Free Antivirus of the Year [2015] Nominations Thread

    The winner will be decided in 2 PHASES. This thread will be a NOMINATION THREAD.The 5 most nominated products from this thread will be considered for the POLL THREAD from Dec 15th to Dec 31st. How many products can you nominate? : You can nominate atmost 2 products [only free]. It can be...