1. Correlate

    Discuss Best Android antivirus? The top 11 tools

    Source: Best Android antivirus? The top 11 tools There are plenty of antivirus tools for Android. Here's how the top 11 measure up in protection, usability and features. The following are the 11 best business-class antivirus tools for Android, according to AV-TEST’s May 2019 evaluations of 20...
  2. Slerion

    Q&A The Best AV You've Ever Used?

    So theres a "Worst" av youve used thread . but no best so here it is ! For me i guess its Avast ( not all versions , or the Mobile Avast app , the mobile app is BAD.... ) But after using like Kaspersky , bitdefender , panda , qihoo , norton , and tons others. i allways go back to avast. Its...
  3. Handsome Recluse

    Any modern tests on browsers?

    Are there any modern tests on browsers that compare resource usage, startup, loading speed, battery life and not just benchmarks which I don't know the practicality of? Also, comparison of browsers with adblockers to see if Opera with built-in adblock would perform better than other...
  4. jackuars

    Best Modern PC Games

    Saw this list at Gizmo's Freeware and thought it would be a good read. The author has ranked 50 top games in the last 10 years. What is your favorite one?
  5. M

    Mixera says Hi

    helo all i am new here and need some help!! if someone can tell me wo is best antivirus for home pc i used it only for gaming and not browsing dangerous sites like porn or somthing like that :D i used eset samrt security 9 but i get infectet with virus and me desctop icons start desapire i...