1. H2O.

    Troubleshoot Bitdefender blocked Adguard

    Today I logged into my Bitdefender Central and I found a notification saying that a malicious file was blocked, only to find out that it was Adguard. Anyone else experienced the same issue, or does anyone know the reason for this?
  2. brod56

    Help Me Decide Lightest free AV

    Hey guys. I know many of you are a bit tired of threads comparing free AVs, but this one is a bit diferent. I want to know what you think is the best performance free AV right now, which just has a new contester. I am aware of the detection rates considering the different modules of protection...
  3. idunno

    Q&A I scanned my old computer w/ Malwarebytes, Bitdefender and Zemana - Is the computer still infected?

    I know the obvious answear is "No anti virus has 100% detect ratio" But the computer has been lastly used in 2016, so is the computer infected? -Thanks!
  4. idunno

    What is the best anti virus software?

    I havent got updated in this community in a while so I thought it would be a good idea to know what is the best anti virus. I tried to install BitDefender but for some reason after I registered it is not launching and I have no way to acces it after I Installed it. Im not getting BitDefender of...
  5. idunno

    BitDefender is not compatible with Malwarebytes?

    Well, I have always used AVG. I know its crappy so I decided to change it, I was going to Bitdefender's site and I downloaded the free anti-virus. But it says because I have Malwarebytes installed I cant install BitDefender. Now, can I install it without uninstalling Malwarebytes. I know its one...
  6. Petrovic

    Update Bitdefender 2017 Build

    Version: This version fixes the following issues: • Rare issue where the Virus Shield would report a invalid current state 0 • Rare issue where the interface would go transparent while connected via RDP • Firewall crash caused by late BFE startup • Widget not saving its position after...
  7. K

    Help Me Decide Which shoud I trust, AV-Comparatives or AV-TEST? And should I use Browsing Protection?

    Hello all members! Thank you for your access here. Just a moment, would you use your time a little for solving my question? There are some famous test for resarch of ability to protect devices by anti-malware softwares. For example, AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives are the most famous test of the...
  8. THpubs

    Help Me Decide Avast Free + Windows 10 Firewall vs Bitdefender Internet Security

    I'm a former Bitdefender Internet Security user. Looking to experiment with other products. I want to know what is the best choice for my Windows 10 lap. I don't want my machine to get slow but need enough protection. Also, need to mention that I plug my lap to my office network so need...
  9. S

    Q&A Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware: How compatible and effective it is?

    Stated on their website: Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware is included in Bitdefender 2016 and later, but is also available as a standalone download. Although Bitdefender cannot guarantee it's effective against new ransomware, has anyone been able to test it against various (past and present)...
  10. M

    Video Bitdefender Traffic Light Test

    Hi all, Bitdefender Traffic Light, a free, easy to install Chrome Extension to help protect you from malicious + phishing URLs. But seriously, how good is it? Thanks for watching, hopefully you've enjoyed & more videos coming soon!
  11. Rolo

    Compare Performance Bitdefender Free vs. Panda Free (2017)

    After eliminating other free products (Avast, too many false-positives and nags; AVG, poor detection and lousy performance; Avira, nags; Qihoo, way too many false-positives), I'm down to two. Bitdefender stepped up its free product but Panda is still touting their performance from 2 years ago...
  12. M

    Video Bitdefender Free Anti Virus Review

    Hi all, This is a test of Bitdefender Free Anti-Virus! Bitdefender Free - is it better than Avast or Avira Free? Could it be the "best" Free AV? Watch to find out! Thanks for watching, hopefully you've enjoyed & I'll see you in the next video :)
  13. M

    Video Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 Review

    Hi all, This is my test of Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. The software is using Default settings - completely unchanged & I am now testing within a brand new clean VM (which will be used in all of my tests). I use samples from 5 sources (which can be found in the video's description). By...
  14. Dima007

    On Sale! Bitdefender 2017 Black Friday 2016 Deals at Anti-Virus4U

    Bitdefender 2017 Black Friday 2016 Deals The New Bitdefender 2017 50%-70% Discount and Deals
  15. safe1st

    Video BitDefender vs ESET vs Trend Micro Detection Test

    Sorry for late to share here. My connection was down right after uploaded the video... Hope you all enjoyed the video Thanks for watching!
  16. safe1st

    Video Norton VS Kaspersky VS BitDefender Detection Test

    Hope you all enjoyed :) Have a great day to all of you who read this!
  17. J

    Video Bitdefender Antivirus Essential 2016 - Test

    Product tested: Bitdefender Antivirus Essential 2016 Thanks for watching! ;)
  18. SpartacusSystem

    Video Bitdefender Rescue Disk Review

    Testing about Bitdefender's rescue disk on an infected PC