1. E

    Troubleshoot Windows 10 - Can't get into Safe Mode

    I have a windows 10 PC and after an update I'm getting a black screen with just the cursor. I can't get into safe mode with F8, and on the login screen there's no power button
  2. Feliks Zemdegs

    Troubleshoot AV software causes black screen and slow boot (my experience)

    Hello everyone! There’s a lot threads about the comparison between free AV software. Here is my problem and my suggestion. I used Avast about 5 yeas ago, since I had a really slow laptop until 6 months ago on a faster computer (My PC is Asus K55A, i5 3230M with 8 GB RAM, HDD). All the time I...
  3. alicex0

    Solved high amount of computer issues, have had for months..

    I've been working on my computer issues for month now on and off, i thought I had everything resolved but then I did a farbar scan and it's showing sign of more malware. please help :\
  4. Grobbs

    Black screen with cursor after Malwarebytes analysis

    Hi. Today I have performed a scan with Malwarebytes and, after detecting more than 30 malicious elements, it has asked me to restore my computer to complete elimination. After that, when I restart my computer appears a black screen with only the mouse cursor. I can run the task manager and when...