1. Robbie

    Troubleshoot I can't block browser coinminers on my system

    This is... weird. I can't block coin-miners scripts on any browser on my system. I have AdGuard for PC with a lifetime license. I have some filters, including coinminers filter. But I can't block, for example, this specific site: Crypto-mining URL Warning...
  2. CyberTech

    Block Windows 10 Updates with StopUpdates10

    Block Windows 10 Updates with StopUpdates10 StopUpdates10 is a free program for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that modifies some system settings to block Windows Updates on the target device. While it is usually not a good idea to block the installation of updates, as you'd block...
  3. giulia

    Android giulia Mobile Config

    hi i wonder if i can change dns when i use Mobile Data on my smartphone i can do it very easly under wifi , but very often i use Mobile Data and i haven't found a solution to use custom dns the point is to use open dns family or other dns to block some sites, violent, porno , guns in short...
  4. Prorootect

    Block Iframes, JavaScript, Redirections

    Extensions to 'Block Iframes Redirections' thread for you. On Chrome Web Store, you have some remarkable extensions to block iframes, redirections! 'Page Blocker' offered by Chermaine Cheang, Version: 1.0.2 Updated: August 25, 2017 Size: 47.18KiB - blocks New Tab page or new window - so no...
  5. pablozi

    OneClick Firewall

    OneClick Firewall in action: Download: http://winaero.com/request.php?1886