1. 3

    Update Spybot Identity Monitor

    Started using this a couple days ago. Seems like a useful tool so far.
  2. Exterminator

    Security Alert Yahoo preparing to confirm massive data breach, affecting 200 million accounts

    Yahoo is now getting itself ready to confirm to the public a massive data breach that happened back in 2012, according to a report by Recode. It was reported back in August that the internet company suffered a data leak which led to the sale of 200 million Yahoo accounts on the dark web...
  3. frogboy

    Security Alert Users Alerted After Disney Forum is Breached

    Disney has been forced to notify users of its Playdom Forum that hackers have made off with sensitive personal information which could put their privacy and online security at risk. The “unauthorized party” infiltrated the Disney servers on 9 and 12 July, acquiring usernames, email addresses...