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    Compare Protection Chrome VS Chrome-based browsers

    Hi guys! Today I would want to know your opinion about this: is it better using Chrome or Chrome-based browsers (like Chromium, SRWare Iron, etc.) Consider that Chrome patches vulnerabilities and flaws very very faster (generally it is more safe), but Chrome-based browsers are better in terms...
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    Q&A What's your Browser on iOS and Android?

    What browser do you use on Android and iOS? I already posted my thoughts here for Android, but undecided between Edge or Brave for iOS (iPhone).
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    Microsoft Browser Efficiency Test - Edge vs Chrome, Firefox and Opera

    BrowserEfficiencyTest is a Selenium WebDriver based web browser test automation project written in C#. It allows you to run through common tasks done in browsers (look through a Facebook feed, go through some emails, browse the news) done in multiple tabs, and uses Windows Performance Recorder...