1. W

    How Do I Remove this Search-find-it browser hijacker from my Google Chrome Browser?

    Hello. Recently, I have been having some trouble with a search-find-it type of what I think is a browser hijacker. I am not sure how to get rid of it. It started around the time I realized that I also had this Search powered by Yahoo virus/malware. Also during this time I was able to catch and...
  2. M

    Troubleshoot My Samsung S7 Edge redirected to Adsv123.com

    When I turn on my phone, theres a circle that pops up on my phone's homescreen, and the only way that i found to get rid of it is to tap it. When you do, you are redirected to Adsv123.com, which is named Home123 in the multitab view. This opens in Google Chrome. How do i remove this malware?
  3. G

    Solved Browser opening by itself alternating between 2 malicious web page (FRST.txt and Addition.txt included)

    I've been having this problem for maybe a year. I'm using Avira free antivirus and scanned rigorously but still not fixed. It's very annoying to be kicked out on an online game because the browser opens by itself and minimize the game. Please help, I'm at my wit's end. Thank you in advance...
  4. P

    Browser opens webpages automatically

    Doesn't matter what i am doing a Mozilla tap will open with 3 web pages automatically opening once maybe twice a day
  5. javadth

    Solved how can remove tradeadexchange browser hijacker

    hi yesterday i was looking for a pdf edit soft so i find pdfill.com , then i installed it , but after some minutes i got there was a problem in my mozilla because every time i click in page , my popupblocker plugin shows a message and opens a unwanted page so i got that i have browser hijack...
  6. A

    initialsite123.com is not going away

    initialsite123.com a browser hijacking virus attacked my laptop yesterday. i have tried a lot of methods suggested around the Internet but my current issues is unsolved. the initialsite123.com home page is gone, however, when I went to the chrome settings to change the engines and delete this...
  7. A

    Solved Unidentified Search bar appear below browser URL bar

    Perhaps the issue started with some random downloading that my sibling did on my PC. And since then the above 2 symptoms are appearing irrespective of browser. I have tried RESETting the browsers but to no avail. Also as I already see a solution to this problem in your forum which gave me a sigh...
  8. W

    Browser hijack adware (safesurfs.net) have used multiple tools but some still remain

    Hi after downloading a free program I found that I had browser hijack adware. Using chrome I have started getting page redirects (some of whom malwarebytes blocks) and popups in the right hand side of web pages intermittently. I also had a second search toolbar that would appear as I was typing...
  9. N

    Annoying infections

    Hi guys this is my first post I really need some help with some problems I've been getting on a brand new refurbished laptop only 1 month old (problems arose from the first day I installed windows 10 though with asus webstorage which I think is a virus tbh and was there from the start). Anyway...
  10. B

    Solved can't get rid of search.so-v.com browser hijacker

    I've been stuck with search.so-v for about 3 days now and been trying to remove it but had no success.
  11. D

    Solved Browser Hijack a-akamikahd

    Hi, I am having a issue with a browser virus. Every time i open a browser or make a new tab i get redirected to searchinternetat-a.akamiahd(dot)net. i have installed and used all the programs in this artical. How to remove Searchinterneat-a.akamaihd.net (Guide) I have the AdwCleaner scan...
  12. Monken

    Solved Undesirable audio in Firefox browser

    A sound appeared several months ago after a set of bulk files downloaded. Could come with a software, or a subliminal message. I was downloading (no installing) marketing tools, ebooks, etc and subliminal tracks. Originally, I thought it was an script hidden in the browser or the computer, and I...
  13. J

    Solved Safesear.ch not going away!

    Can you please help me?! Thanks in advance!