1. S

    Security Alert HP Bug Bounty Program to Protect Printers

    Find out more: Printer Device Security | HP® United Kingdom Video-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqibWHfn_Yc
  2. L S

    Get $1M for reporting zero-day flaws in Tor to “help Govt fight crime”

    Get $1M for reporting zero-day flaws in Tor to “help Govt fight crime Usually, a bug bounty program helps companies secure their software and products from zero day vulnerabilities that can cause massive damage if cyber criminals get their hands on them. But Zerodium, an American information...
  3. Logethica

    Apple's Bug-Bounty "Outbid" by Exodus Intelligence

    Exploit broker steals Apple thunder, offers $500,000 for iOS zero days: SOURCE: zdnet.com (ARTICLE DATE: 11th Aug 2016) It was only last week that Apple finally launched a bug bounty program, but it did not take long for exploit peddlers to outbid the tech giant... Apple is offering security...
  4. Logethica

    Apple offers up to $200K in its first Bug Bounty Program

    Starting this fall, Apple will pay up to $200,000 for iOS and iCloud bugs As part of a security presentation given at this year's Black Hat conference, Apple today announced that it would be starting up a bug bounty program in the fall. The program will reward security researchers who uncover...
  5. pablozi

    10-year old cashes on Facebook bug bounty program

    What were you doing when you were 10-years old? Chances are it was not as profitable as this youngster from Finland. Earlier this week, it was announced that a boy named Jani (surname not disclosed) became the youngest person to be rewarded by Facebook’s bug bounty program. He discovered an...
  6. M

    Microsoft Adds Nano Server to Bug Bounty Program

    Microsoft announced on Friday that it’s offering rewards of up to $15,000 for serious vulnerabilities found in Nano Server. Nano Server, a new installation option available in Windows Server 2016, is a remotely administered server operating system designed for datacenters and private clouds...