1. Syafiq

    Troubleshoot Problem with Show/hide desktop icons

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Warrior

    Security Alert Firefox bug crashes your browser and sometimes your PC

    A security researcher who two weeks ago found a bug that could crash all WebKit-based apps on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, has now discovered another browser bug that can crash Firefox browsers, and sometimes the entire operating system underneath it. Source Firefox bug crashes your browser and...
  3. Av Gurus

    Video Comodo Sandbox (Auto-Containment) have a bug on Windows 10?

    Comodo Sandbox (Auto-Containment) is set to Restricted Mode but when you run some files with Admin privileges it run that file as Partially Limited. This happens in Windows 10 and with UAC turned ON. If UAC is turned OFF in GPE then this is not happens. Here is a short video demonstration...
  4. T

    Q&A Comodo Cloud AV provokes " X the application was unable to start correctly"

    Hello guys, since I've installed Comodo Cloud some programs get an alert of " X.exe the application was unable to start correctly" even tho apparently there isn't any side effect. I've uninstalled it and doesn't makes the warning, installed again and makes the warnings :/
  5. upnorth

    Anyone Can Change macOS High Sierra Passwords

    Quote : " If you're running macOS High Sierra, don't let anyone near your Apple Mac. It's possible for anyone to login to the Mac and get the admin level of access to change passwords, get access to all data on the main account and lock the original user out. Fortunately, there's a fix that...
  6. T

    Security bug in Avast Free, AVG Free etc....?

    I did an EICAR test called "drive-by download" on this webpage AMTSO (the second one); Avast Free, AVG Free and Avira Free didn't pass it on my virtual machine. The only antivirus that passed it was Kaspersky Free. Is it normal? Is it a security bug?
  7. C

    Q&A Comodo in Safe Mode blocks a trusted vendor app

    Hi, I'm using Comodo v10 in proactive security, the HIPS level is Safe mode. Unfortunately, I always find this line in the blocked applications: The exe comes from a trusted vendor: And I have a custom HIPS rule that allow that exe: If i unblock the app from the blocked list, after few...
  8. ttto

    Spotify urgent update

    Spotify has released an update to fix SSD 'burnout' for desktop users, Have you updated already? ------- Spotify is rolling out a fix for its desktop app after subscribers complained that the app was wearing out their solid state drives (SSDs). Customers have reported that Spotify is writing...
  9. C

    problems with GB Micro SD card and GFI WebMonitor

    Hello, i'm conrad-boy, 27 years, and stays free abonnement for 3 years of drweb security space for september_october 2016, i have two problems: my 4 Gb Micro SD card, inserted on SD slot (with Micro SD adaptator on SD slot) of my machine, no recognized by explorer, and i tried to install GFI...
  10. viktik

    There's a major security flaw in Apple's iOS - update your iPhone now to protect yourself

    If you haven't done so since Monday, it's a good idea to update your iPhone right now. A bug that was found by Cisco on Tuesday and first reported by MacWorld could let hackers roam freely into your iPhone, giving them access to pretty much anything in its storage, with a simple text message...
  11. Mr.NoName

    Avast makes my pc laggy

    The avast internet security i use only this payed version is makes my home pc and laptop lag i have on the both machines intel core i7 with 8 threads and minimum 8 Gb ram this is on my laptop on my home pc 64 gb ram and when i install the avast IS i get some slowdown like every time i start the...
  12. frogboy

    Security Alert Bug in Symantec’s anti-virus engine can lead to system compromise

    Google Project Zero researcher Tavis Ormandy has unearthed a critical remote code execution vulnerability in the anti-virus engine powering Symantec’s endpoint security products (including Norton-branded ones). The flaw (CVE-2016-2208) has been responsibly disclosed to the company, and it...
  13. pablozi

    10-year old cashes on Facebook bug bounty program

    What were you doing when you were 10-years old? Chances are it was not as profitable as this youngster from Finland. Earlier this week, it was announced that a boy named Jani (surname not disclosed) became the youngest person to be rewarded by Facebook’s bug bounty program. He discovered an...
  14. M

    Cisco Spots New NTP Bugs

    Cisco has identified six new vulnerabilities in the Network Time Protocol (NTP) which could allow cyber-criminals to craft DDoS attacks or prevent the correct time being set. The Talos team explained in a blog post that it was responsibly disclosing the bugs after having coordinated fixes with...
  15. D

    Critical bug in libotr could open users of ChatSecure, Adium, Pidgin to compromise

    A vulnerability in “libotr,” the C code implementation of the Off-the-Record (OTR) protocol that is used in many secure instant messengers such as ChatSecure, Pidgin, Adium and Kopete, could be exploited by attackers to crash an app using libotr or execute remote code on the user’s machine. “An...
  16. Exterminator

    You can brick recent iOS devices just by setting them to a specific date

    You can brick recent iOS devices just by setting them to a specific date In case the infamous “Error 53” wasn’t enough to contend with, there’s now a new threat being leveraged against iOS devices, one that could easily brick most of Apple’s phones and tablets. The trick, or rather operating...