1. harlan4096

    Malware Hub Report BullGuard IS 2020 - October 2019 Report

    BullGuard IS 2020 - October 2019 Report __ C: Clean / P: Protected / P - NC: Protected - Not Clean / I: Infected / E: Encrypted * Dynamic BB Bonus Test (AntiVirus Protection Disabled) * Partially Blocked * BSR: Before System Reboot * ASR: After System Reboot October 2019 Samples Pack...
  2. A

    Malware analysis Infected file found on a usb drive

    Hello! I have attached a firend's usb drive and Bullguard completed the scan detecting 7 infected files. There's one suspicious file named "t" undetected by Bullguard I have uploaded the file to VirusTotal.
  3. A

    Review Bullguard first impression: 19.0.355.9

    I have been using Bullguard Internet Security 2019 for 2 days and so far so good! 2 days are somewhat enough to have a first impression on a "humble" security product like Bullguard. I liked many things about the product and was annoyed by others. Most importantly, in my opinion, the product is...
  4. Dima007

    On Sale! Bullguard 2017 up to 60% off

    Bullguard 2017 up to 60% off Antivirus, internet security and Premium Protection www.bullguard.com/landing-pages/ppc/brand.aspx
  5. S

    On Sale! BullGuard Premium 70% OFF

    BullGuard Special Sale at http://www.bullguard.com/landing-pages/ppc/offer-buy.aspx Compare the Difference BullGuard Antivirus - 40% Discount Protects 1 PC Antivirus Safe browsing Spamfilter 24/7 Support BullGuard Internet Security - 70% Discount Protects up to 3 PCs, Macs, Androids...
  6. ttto

    Expired Bullguard up to 60% discount

    Bullguard AV: 20% discount Bullguard IS:20% discount Bullguard Premium: 60% discount. Online purchase.
  7. S

    BullGuard IoT Web Scanner: Are you exposed to Hackers?

    Visit website: Internet of Things (IoT) Scanner - BullGuard BullGuard Internet of Things Scanner Check if your internet-connected devices at home are public on Shodan. If they are, this means they are accessible to the public, and hackers. What is Internet of Things? The Internet of Things...
  8. J

    Video BullGuard Internet Security 2015 - Test

    Hi everyone, this is a video review - test of BullGuard Internet Security 2015