1. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Hacking Alert Avast fights off cyber-espionage attempt, Abiss

    Another attack on CCleaner and the reason for the latest update. Read more here: https://blog.avast.com/ccleaner-fights-off-cyberespionage-attempt-abiss Latest changelog of CCleaner here: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history
  2. S

    Update CCleaner releases Public Beta builds

    Posted from New Beta Release Progamme Get latest Beta build: https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_beta Check for more Beta Releases via [Techdows]
  3. 5

    Discuss How CCleaner Got Hacked...

    Remember the great CCleaner hub-bub ? Anyone remember the pages on top of pages of ridiculous nonsense posted about it across the forums ? Only recently have pertinent details been released - many months later. In a word... TeamViewer. SC Media by Bradley Barth, Senior Reporter...
  4. L

    Troubleshoot What to Clean With CCenhancer?

    Hi, everyone. I've been searching for awhile now, but have had little to no luck with this. I have CCleaner with the CCenhancer add-on and I was wondering what I should be cleaning with it? What's safe to clean? I've googled some of the options, but going through the entire list of options...
  5. CyberTech

    Update CCleaner 5.42.6499

    CCleaner 5.42.6499 CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history...
  6. V

    Help Me Decide Best Free Uninstaller App (& Difference vs CCleaner, etc)

    I'm looking for the best free uninstaller in terms of safety (not deleting stuff it shouldn't) > performance (deleting as much as possible of what it should). I've never used a dedicated uninstaller program before, nor have I really felt the need to. I install tons of programs, and I've rarely...
  7. L S

    Hacking Alert CCleaner Malware: Here is the Full List of Affected Companies

    CCleaner Malware: Here is the Full List of Affected Companies ! Last week news came out that CCleaner software was infected with a backdoor. An initial investigation showed it was a state-sponsored attack. Now, Avast has finally revealed the complete list of organizations affected by the...
  8. L S

    Q&A What Do You Think About What Happened With CCleaner And Other Software Programs

    What Do You Think About All Of This What Happen With CCleaner And Other Programs From Previously ?
  9. N

    Ccleaner malware distribution. I got the jackpot!

    Well, apparently I got this lovely thing on my desktop today: First, I really cannot understand how someone can inject code into an executable without changing its signature and certificate. I really cannot understand. So if anybody can explain me that, I love learning new things and I really...
  10. D

    Malware found in official Ccleaner installers

    Read more here As i said so many times, nothing is safe.
  11. Captain Awesome

    Update CCleaner v5.34.6207 (12 Sep 2017)

    v5.34.6207 (12 Sep 2017) Browser Cleaning - Firefox: Internet History cleaning rule no longer removes Favicon content General - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
  12. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Suggestions for keeping a clean pc?

    I will be doing a complete reformat of my computer and will have a new setup. Part of the reason is because of tons of junk on my pc. Not malware, just usless stuff I dont use or that were accidentally copied. Some of it is stuff that stayed from uninstalled programs. Are there other system...
  13. Petrovic

    Update CCleaner 5.28.6005 Final

    CCleaner 5.28.6005 Final Standard Edition http://download.piriform.com/ccsetup528.exe Professional Edition Old GUI Installer http://download.piriform.com/pro/ccsetup528_pro.exe New GUI Installer http://download.piriform.com/ccsetup528pro.exe Technician Edition...
  14. Petrovic

    Update CCleaner 5.26.5937

    CCleaner 5.26.5937 - Improved Firefox History and Session cleaning - Improved Opera History cleaning - Improved Thunderbird Session cleaning - Optimized 64-bit build architecture - Updated various translations - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes Standard Edition...
  15. BoraMurdar

    Update CCleaner v5.24.5839 (15 Nov 2016)

    v5.24.5839 (15 Nov 2016) - Improved Firefox History cleaning - Improved Opera and Vivaldi Session cleaning - Updated Internet Explorer and Edge Cache cleaning - Updated Windows Explorer MRU Cache cleaning - Improved Monitoring notifications - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes...
  16. phreechan

    Browser in loop-opening while playing games

    First of all I have to say sorry for my bad english. If there's something you don't understand, please, tell me and I'll try to explain better. Hello, I come here because "Dr. Web" wasn't able to solve my huge problem. Let me explain: just over a week ago, while I was playing with AION, my...
  17. Petrovic

    Update CCleaner 5.19.5633

    CCleaner 5.19.5633 Improved Firefox and Chrome History cleaning. Improved Windows 10 MRU cache cleaning. Optimized Browser Plugin detection routine. Improved System Monitoring (Professional only). Improved Window resizing and DPI support. Improved Unicode text support. Minor GUI improvements...
  18. Petrovic

    Update CCleaner 5.18.5607

    v5.18.5607 (24 May 2016) - Improved Microsoft Edge Cache and History cleaning. - Improved Firefox 46 Session cleaning. - Optimized detection and cleaning of portable browsers. - Improved Browser Monitoring functionality (Professional only). - Improved Unicode support in Startup and Browser...
  19. Petrovic

    CCleaner 5.15.5513

    CCleaner 5.15.5513 (23 Feb 2016) - Updated Google Chrome cleaning: Cache, Session and History - Improved Firefox Cookie detection - Added Disk Analyzer search feedback - Improved System and Browser Monitoring (Professional only) - Improved Media Player Classic cleaning - Improved localization...
  20. Petrovic

    CCleaner 5.11.5408

    v5.11.5408 (26 Oct 2015) - Added Windows Store apps to Uninstall tool (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10). - Improved Google Chrome Download History cleaning. - Improve Firefox 41 cleaning. - Optimized Start-up Items detection routine. - Improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts. - Added Microsoft Office...