1. Der.Reisende

    Update 360 Total Security

    v10 is finally out of BETA :) 360 Total Security Added: Compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation Fixed: Bug fixes Changelog site Version History | 360 Total Security Download site Clean Up Your PC & Improve Performance | 360 Total Security 360 Total...
  2. Spawn

    Android Changed (Unreleased) - Track changelogs for app updates

    Download: Changes - Android Apps on Google Play Changes provides changelog details after an app update. App extracts information from the What's New section on Google Play Store app / website into a single app for ease of use. No more checking changelogs from Play Store URL/searches.
  3. W

    Update Webroot SecureAnywhere Version Released

    As usual, this update applies for all Webroot Home products (Antivirus, Internet Security Plus and Internet Security Complete). Here's a link to the changelog. Details are bellow. Webroot Version (Released June 12th, 2017) - Added New file hash calculation to the agent log files. -...
  4. Parsh

    Update Firefox 54 arrives with multi-process support for all users

    Mozilla today launched Firefox 54 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The new version includes the next major phase of multi-process support, which streamlines memory use, improving responsiveness and speed. That time has now arrived with Firefox 54 — the Electrolysis project, which is the...
  5. Faybert

    Q&A G Data Changelog?

    Good evening, does anyone have the G Data changelogs link? For me to know about new updates, I tried to search here and did not find it, thank you.
  6. Overlord

    Update Released: Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

    Released: Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit New Features: • Hardened and more secure API hooking framework • Added self protection mechanisms • Added sandbox technique for Silverlight • Added Layer3 techniques against Macro exploits • Added Layer3 techniques against social engineering...
  7. pablozi

    Update HitmanPro.Alert 3.6.0 Build 572 BETA

    Changelog Added thumbprint based suppression technology (patent-pending) Improved Application Lockdown Improved DEP mitigation reporting detaills Improved compatibility with 32-bit Java desktop applications requiring 1GB+ memory Improved LoadLib mitigation Fixed Intruder detection on Websense...
  8. pablozi

    Update SpyShelter 10.8.8 released

    SpyShelter 10.8.8 is now available. This version includes a fix for creating multiple rules without checking hash in SpyShelter Firewall Application Execution Control feature. It also includes updated Japanese, Farsi, Danish and German translations. SpyShelter 10.8.8 (14/Oct/2016) Changelog...
  9. Sundaram999

    Update 360 Total Security - new

    Qihoo 360 Total Security released Release date: 15-09-2016 Fixed: Bug fixes
  10. Soulweave

    Staff Note Guidelines for War Room (May 2016 Updates)

    In order to ensure that all content is informative for members and guests, please ensure you adhere to the following rules before posting in the War Room: Prior to creating a thread: Use the Search feature for both the War Room and the War Room Archives. If your question remains unanswered...
  11. Jack

    MalwareTips Changelog (2016)

    This thread is dedicated to the changes that happen within the MalwareTips Community. Here you will find a summary on what happens within our community, starting with staff promotions, new features, design modifications, rules and privacy changes, or other updates of MalwareTips you will be...