1. CyberTech

    Chrome Chrome Extension Manifest V3 May Break uBlock Origin Content Blocker

    The Google Chrome development team is working on making some changes to the Chrome Extensions platform that would end the functionality of ad-blockers like uBlock Origin and uMatrix, if implemented as defined in the current draft document. Extension capabilities are restricted through a...
  2. J

    Extension Mining Blocker (Crypto Mining Blocker)

    Hi all, this is a new extension I've found, which can block crypto mining. Official Description: Thank you :)
  3. J

    Extension Stop-it (block ransomware, scam, etc.)

    HI all, I found this new extension. Original Description:
  4. Faybert

    Google Google Bans Chrome Extensions That Mine Cryptocurrencies From the Web Store

    Full Article: Google Bans Chrome Extensions That Mine Cryptocurrencies From the Web Store
  5. Faybert

    Extension "Social Book Post Manager" Chrome Extension Lets You Wipe Your Facebook Profile

    With the recent report of Facebook user's data being harvested and used for information warfare, many people are looking to delete their accounts or at least their Facebook posts in order to have a clean slate. Deleting posts, though, can be a very time consuming task as you normally would have...
  6. Faybert

    Extension Chrome Extension Protects Against JavaScript-Based CPU Side-Channel Attacks

    A team of academics has created a Chrome extension that can block side-channel attacks that use JavaScript code to leak data from a computer's RAM or CPU. The extension's name is Chrome Zero and is currently only available on GitHub, and not through the official Chrome Web Store. Researchers...
  7. anoukq

    Anoukq's Novice on Windows 10

    I'm posting here to round out my profile (and enter the killer VoodooShield Pro giveaway!), but any advice on the following would be great. I switched from Avast after suffering constant memory leaks and other problems reinstalls wouldn't solve; seeking a good, free/cheap, and above all...
  8. J

    Extension Untrack Me

    Hi guys, this is a new extension that I found, which is able to block tracking URLs. Original Description: The current version avalaible on Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers and on Chrome and Chrome-based browsers is 1.2.1. Thanks for reading ;)
  9. J

    Extension Popup Blocker (ultimate) for Chrome and Firefox

    Hello, I found this new extension, which can block all popups request from any website. There are few options which can be set, for example deny/allow popups request, or open a popup request in a background tab in the browser, etc. This is the original description: This add-on is avalaible...
  10. J

    Extension exeGuard

    Hello, I found this new extension, avalaible for Chrome and Firefox, which can be able protect us against malware and threats (.exe files). Original Description: Firefox Page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/exeguard/?src=cb-dl-created (Version: 0.9.9) Chrome Page...
  11. J

    Extension moarTLS

    moarTLS is a new extension, avalaible for Firefox, Chrome and lately also for Edge. moarTLS indicates malicious links and downloads. Original Description: Firefox Page: moarTLS Chrome Page: moarTLS Analyzer
  12. J

    Extension Secure Tab for Firefox and Chrome

    Hello, Secure Tab Firefox is a new extension, which can be able to hide users' favicon and tabs titles, this is helpful to avoid spying from people in user's browser. Original Description: Firefox page: Secure Tab Firefox Chrome page: GitHub - arVahedi/SecureTabChrome: Secure Tab extension...
  13. J

    Extension Facebook Tracking Removal for Firefox and Chrome

    Hello, I found this new extension, which can be able to remove users' interaction tracking from external links and videos on Facebook. Original Description: Firefox page: Facebook Tracking Removal - Version: 1.2.0 Chrome page: Facebook Tracking Removal - Version: 1.1.0
  14. J

    Extension Off The Hook for Firefox and Chrome

    Hello, I've found this new antiphishing extension, it seems interesting, especially the feature of the original target recommendations. The extension can say which site is trying to mimic the current visited website. Firefox page: Off the hook - Version: 1.1 Chrome page: Off the hook -...
  15. J

    PassLok for Email - Browser Extension

    PassLok for Email is an easy-to-use extension, avalaible for Firefox and Chrome, which allows to have a good email encryption, for several services, like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook. It also provide an interesting message hiding, forward secrecy and attachments. Firefox Page: PassLok for Email...
  16. J

    Extension Social Networks AdBlock for Firefox and Chrome

    Social Networks AdBlock is an extension, avalaible for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, which is able to block annoying ads during browsing our social networks. Original Description: Download for Chrome: Social Networks AdBlock Download for Firefox: Social Networks AdBlock Thanks for reading! ;)
  17. J

    Extension PhishWall for Firefox and Chrome

    PhishWall is a new browser extension, which prevent you from phishing and harmful websites. Chrome page (Japanese version only): PhishWall Firefox page (Japanese version only): PhishWall Homepage: PhishWallクライアント | PhishWall | 株式会社セキュアブレイン
  18. J

    Extension Throttle for Firefox and Chrome

    Hi everyone. Today I want to share with you this new browser extension, which allows us to control who send to us an e-mail. Here is the official description: Homepage: Control who can send you email with Throttle This extension is avalaible for Firefox and Firefox-based browsers, Chrome...
  19. S

    Rogue Chrome extensions, Steals your Steam Inventory

    Security researcher Bart Blaze warned that supposedly "helpful" Chrome extensions for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) are actually scamware. “Instead of being able to change your CS:GO Double theme, your items from your inventory are getting stolen; instead of trading with X or Y...