1. N

    Q&A Eliminating Chrome telemetry

    I was wondering, if doing privacy tweaks for Google Chorme , like e.g., https://www.howtogeek.com/100361/how-to-optimize-google-chrome-for-maximum-privacy/ completely eliminates telemetry Google collects. If not then probably staying logged into account + following GDPR processes may be the...
  2. oldschool

    Chrome Chrome 76: no more https or www in address bar

    Here’s a new instance of Google’s continuing efforts to dumb down the web and keep users in the dark! Google Chrome users who upgraded the stable version of the web browser to the recently released Chrome 76 version may have noticed that Chrome...
  3. G

    Problem with dolohen and oneclick

    Good night, recently an adware found its way to my computer trough google chrome and i dont know what to do because i already tried malwarebytes, adwcleaner and all the programs known to man to get rid of the pop up ad, to the point i reinstalled windows and the pop up and the redirection from...
  4. oldschool

    Extension The Death of webRequest API & uBO? Not likely, at least for now.

    For those who may have scanned the uBlock Origin forums, or have otherwise heard that Google is proposing API changes that could spell the end for uBO, ... hold your horses! Please read all links and see if you can make sense of what Google's plans are. API Behaviors Chrome extension...
  5. J

    Chrome Chrome first version: do you remember?

    Hi guys, was just thinking Chrome is now reached release 71. Do you remember the first version of it? This video was uploaded by Bingocat and it shows Chrome 0.2.149:
  6. Handsome Recluse

    Chrome Google Chrome's new UI is ugly, and people are very angry

    The new UI is trash, users say. Every major user interface (UI) redesign project is a hit and miss game, and Google's new Chrome UI appears to be a colossal miss. CHROME DEVS RECOMMEND OTHER BROWSERS, BUT NO DOWNGRADE The way most users have been reacting to this forced UI update is by...
  7. J

    Compare Protection Chrome VS Chrome-based browsers

    Hi guys! Today I would want to know your opinion about this: is it better using Chrome or Chrome-based browsers (like Chromium, SRWare Iron, etc.) Consider that Chrome patches vulnerabilities and flaws very very faster (generally it is more safe), but Chrome-based browsers are better in terms...
  8. B

    Q&A Anyone using Chrome's flags to increase security and/or privacy?

    How many of you people uses Flags to improve Security/Privacy.. I need some stable flags, to improve my Security/Privacy or new Features! Let me know! Cheers :)
  9. S

    Troubleshoot Virus closes Chrome repeatedly

    So, I have this problem with a virus I somehow installed on my computer. What it does is that in an interval of around 15-45 minutes two command prompts opens and closes instantly in a 3 second succession. After that, this virus keeps closing chrome like 5-10 seconds after I open it. Not until I...
  10. Question

    Discuss Why (almost) everyone uses Chrome?

    I mean, watching videos or something like that, almost everyone has Chrome as their main browser. How so? Chrome is not that good, I think
  11. Z

    Browser (chrome problem?) opens ad tab randomly

    Hello, Sometime ago I started having a chrome tab open randomly with a random generated ad tab. Even when chrome isn't running it opens one tab up, so I tried searching for malware problems and noticed that if I searched "malware" or "adware" words, chrome would turn off automatically. I've...
  12. tdh0085

    Chrome Browser Keeps Redirecting Me To A Scam Site

    I just started getting this problem. Its 4:30PM now and i didnt have this problem before i went to bed last night at midnight. Ok here it is... About every 5 minutes or so (while using Chrome), my browser will redirect me to a scam website. Well, it either redirects after a certain period...
  13. CyberTech

    Google Google is delaying a Chrome audio update that broke countless web games

    Google is partially and temporarily rolling back a recent Chrome change that blocked autoplaying audio, after web developers complained that it had broken countless games and apps. The update rolled out with Chrome version 66 in early May, and it was intended to quiet annoying ads and videos...