1. Faybert

    Nimbus Data launches the world’s largest SSD – 100TB

    Nimbus Data, a company that specialises in flash storage products, launched its ExaData DC SSD series. The DC100 100TB model is over three times the capacity of its closest competitor, making it the largest capacity solid state drive (SSD) ever produced. Despite aiming for the enterprise...
  2. Spawn

    Update Cryptomator - Client-side Encryption for your Cloud Files

    The Concept of Cryptomator Cryptomator provides transparent, client-side encryption for your cloud. Protect your documents from unauthorized access. Cryptomator is free and open source software, so you can rest assured there are no backdoors. Blog - Cryptomator Downloads - Cryptomator GitHub -...
  3. Spawn

    Cloud Storage: How Secure are Dropbox, Microsoft, Google and Apple?

    Read Full Review: How secure are Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Apple iCloud cloud storage services? Cloud Storage Overview Although the cloud remains for many something of an unknown quantity as far as security is concerned, the truth is that data security is never black and...
  4. kev216

    LogMeIn retires cloud storage service Cubby

    Today, we began notifying Cubby users and customers of the decision to retire Cubby, our file sync & share offering. Since its debut in 2013, Cubby has provided a unique file sharing experience for millions of individuals and businesses and this difficult decision was made after much...
  5. Logethica

    How Private Is Your Public Cloud?

    How Private Is Your Public Cloud? Stacking Up Google, Microsoft And AWS Data Privacy. SOURCE: crn.com (ARTICLE DATE: 15 Aug 2016) Terms Of Service... The issue of privacy plays out primarily in the privacy policies and Terms of Service agreements customers have with cloud providers, said...
  6. Logethica

    Q&A Which (If any) Cloud Storage Provider(s) do you use?

    Best Cloud Storage Providers of 2016 (Updated August 1st 2016): Cloud storage has evolved from an enterprise service into a service used by millions of households and small businesses all around the world. As users continue to accumulate countless documents, images, and video and audio files...
  7. Logethica

    Security Alert Cloud data security still a challenge

    Cloud data security still a challenge; Despite the continued importance of cloud computing resources to organisations, companies are not adopting appropriate governance and security measures to protect sensitive data in the cloud. These are just a few findings a Ponemon Institute study titled...
  8. S

    Encrypting/securing data before backing up to the cloud

    What is a safe way to secure my privacy/file security when uploading it to the cloud (AWS). Box and Dropbox are used occasionally. I already tried Kaspersky's containers back when PURE 3.0 was the stable version. It ended up with throwing an error and being unable to open the encrypted...
  9. Spawn

    13 Cloud Storage services (February 2016 Round-up)

    Update: From post 6 - See Best Cloud Storage Providers (Top Services Reviewed and Compared) 13 Cloud Storage services Reviews and Verdicts - February 2016 "Online storage is an integral part of life now, but with so many available it's hard to decide which one to use. Copy has just announced...
  10. conceptualclarity

    Amazon Cloud Drive and Zoolz Cold Storage: have experience with either or both?

    Both are on sale now. Any information, such as ease of usage, is welcome. Zoolz is from the same company as Genie Timeline. Can you keep system images on these services? Any alternative suggestions for cloud storage and/or software for managing cloud storage are welcome.
  11. J

    Best software to encrypt data before uploading to cloud?

    Which is the best software using to encrypt data before uploading to cloud? And also explain why do you think it's the best!