1. Correlate

    Hacking Alert All Your Cloud Are Belong To Us (CVE-2019-12491)

  2. Nagisa

    Q&A Testing a cloud based antivirus on the virtual machine

    Could it be dangerous to enable network on the virtual machine? Is there a virus that can infect the router and duplicate itself onto other computers?
  3. Thales

    Q&A Cloud Backup or Physical Backup? Which one do you prefer?

    Hey I'm thinking about the best solution for me but this could help anyone. In the long term HDD/SSD is cheaper than the cloud solution. if you buy 2 pieces SSD/HDD that will boost the redundancy and reduce the data loss. Cloud solution is more convenient has its own advantages but need high...
  4. harlan4096

    Discuss Kaspersky Security Cloud Free 2019 - Tweaks

    Hi guys, responding to some users that asked me by pm about KSCloud Free 2019 tweaks, here You are my tweaks I have in my laptop. Those settings not addressed in these tweaks are in default.
  5. Thales

    Q&A Would you use 7zip to encrypt important files before upload them?

    Hi I would like to know your opinion about using 7zip to encrypt files and upload them to the cloud. With 7Zip it's so easy to update the files in the "container". Faster and easier than with veracrypt IMO. PS: I love and use veracrypt and Bitlocker too, so no hate here! :)
  6. Thirio

    Panzor CloudAntivirus

    Panzor Just found this new antivirus listed on VirusBulletin called "Panzor CloudAntivirus" which took 2nd place in it's first month of testing. They offer a 1 month free trial if you register with them. Anyone bored and want to test this? Download Link
  7. Stoweo

    Troubleshoot HI found a strange app on my device coming and going which is impossible to disable or uninstall...

    NAME "CLOUDGETAWAY" a yellow app with a little cloud, joined google & samsung to ask, positiv!!! it's not one of their system app, so I think all my Internet data are kept by a Distant PC unknown...Making some research found compagny called CITRIX releasing it....Don't know it at all....Maybee...
  8. Syafiq

    Q&A Is Mega.nz Cloud Safe ?

    Hello, everyone ! I just signed up a Mega account and I read some of the reviews on quora and they are saying that MEGA isn't safe anymore. What do you think, guys ? :)
  9. In2an3_PpG

    VIPRE Outperforms Webroot in Head-To-Head Comparison

    VIPRE Outperforms Webroot in Head-To-Head Comparison - VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud Edition achieves perfect protection rate, while visibility, speed and ease of analysis prove superior in AV-Comparatives’ independent testing CLEARWATER, Fla. – Nov. 7, 2017 – VIPRE® Endpoint Security Cloud...
  10. Parsh

    Forget stealing data, hackers broke into Amazon's cloud to mine bitcoin

    A report from the security intelligence group RedLock found at least two companies which had their AWS cloud services compromised by hackers who wanted nothing more than to use the computer power to mine the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The hackers ultimately got access to Amazon's cloud servers...
  11. Parsh

    Microsoft acquires Cloudyn to help Azure customers manage and optimize their cloud usage

    Microsoft has signed a definitive agreement to acquire another Israeli company, Cloudyn, that helps enterprises and managed service providers optimize their investments in cloud services. As customers grow their cloud usage across many projects, it can be challenging to gain visibility and...
  12. harlan4096

    Kaspersky Security Cloud KS: beta

    More info: KS: - Kaspersky Lab Forum
  13. kev216

    Hacking Alert File-storage service Mega compromised by hackers

    Mega, the cloud storage site originally founded by Kim Dotcom, was hacked this week. Outsiders gained access to part of the site's infrastructure and released source code, and later possibly user details as well. Mega confirmed the hack but says that no user data was compromised. When the...
  14. Y

    Update Comodo Cloud Antivirus version 1.7.402730.374

    Hello Friends!! Here we are very excited and happy to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.7.402730.374 new version is now released ! Comodo Cloud Antivirus team is currently working hard both on improvements about system architecture and the Valkyrie server side; as well as on the improved...
  15. frogboy

    Alarming cloud encryption misconceptions revealed

    Businesses have a high level of concern about the exposure of sensitive and regulated data in the cloud to security threats. Yet despite this, the majority of data owners outsource responsibility for data protection, even though they still bear full legal liability if there is a breach. A new...
  16. Y

    Update Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.6.400585.347 is Released

    Hello Friends, Here we are very excited and happy to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.6.400585.347 new version is now released ! Comodo Cloud Antivirus is getting stronger with each new release with its unique systems Valkyrie server and Default Deny Platform. We will keep the dynamic...