1. S

    Twitch takes PayPal, CloudFlare, Whois to court over Aiding Spambot Attack

    Amazon-owned video streaming site Twitch is taking a scorched-earth approach in a bid to ferret out who is behind a "malicious spambot." The bots have been flooding streamers' public chats with offensive, repetitive messages that have sometimes rendered their channels "unusable." PayPal...
  2. S

    Q&A Since CloudBleed: Have you changed any of your passwords?

    Since CloudFlare's bug named CloudBleed, but how many have actually bothered to change their passwords? Vote in Poll above or view Results.
  3. S

    Update from Cloudflare on Cloudbleed

    Updated information from Cloudflare regarding Cloudbleed: This was updated yesterday morning. There is a recommendation for site owners.
  4. J

    Extension Detect Cloudflare - Browser Extension

    Hello guys. I want to share this extension, avalaible for Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers, which let us to know if the current site use Cloudflare, fastly and easily. Firefox Page (0.1): Detect Cloudflare Official Description:
  5. Bryan Lam

    Tutorial Secure your site/server with SSL/HTTPS and Anti-DDOS

    Bryan's Guide To Securing Your Website and/or server Prerequisites Before you get started there are some things you'll require - - A Domain Name W/ Web Hosting & Cpanel (Most hosting plans include this) for ease of installation - An Email Part 1: Securing your website So, for the most...
  6. Y

    Postimage.org - DEAD END

    Postimage.org is in danger and needs your help Please contact us if you have a CDN that is capable and willing of serving 1.8 Petabytes of outgoing traffic per month free of charge, or if you can make a donation to help us pay a monthly $12,000 bill from CloudFlare that we are now facing. As...
  7. MrExplorer

    Troubleshoot CloudFlare Captcha Annoying

    Tutorial to white-list my IP with the help of this video. Whitelisted my ip a number of times but everytime after a day or two they again remove it. I have scanned my computer many times, there is no virus found. @TwinHeadedEagle